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  • Outdoors Across Alaska 2012
    Story : Posted 09-20-2012

    Outdoors Across Alaska 2012

    Don Mulligan, an outdoors writer from Indiana, goes on annual adventure trips in the pristine wilderness of Alaska. He braved a rickety bush plane ride and indulged in the outdoorsmen's paradise - from fly fishing in Soldotna to bear and wolf hunting overlooking the Tustumena Glacier.

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  • EHD Killing Deer
    Story : Posted 09-19-2012

    EHD Killing Deer

    Wildlife officials in Wisconsin and Missouri are blaming a growing number of dead deer on an outbreak of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease.

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  • Miss Wildgame Nation Contest
    Story : Posted 09-14-2012

    Miss Wildgame Nation Contest

    Matt Busbice of Wildgame Nation headed from the homestead in Louisiana to Texas, leaving Bill and Ryan behind for three pageant girls who will compete for the prestigious title of Miss Wildgame Nation.

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  • Attack Fuels Anti-Attack
    Story : Posted 09-13-2012

    Attack Fuels Anti-Attack

    Mark Matheny knows it's not true, that old joke about not having to outrun a bear, only having to outrun your hunting partner.

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  • Gruesome Grizzly Mauling
    Story : Posted 09-13-2012

    Gruesome Grizzly Mauling

    Mark Matheny, founder of UDAP Bear Spray, describes being attacked by a bear and how the experience changed his life.

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  • Weekend At Beary's
    Story : Posted 09-13-2012

    Weekend At Beary's

    Steve West of Steve's Outdoor Adventures describes how he and his hunting party quickly found and dispatched what is now the Boone and Crockett world record grizzly taken with a muzzleloader.

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  • West Takes Record Grizzly
    Story : Posted 09-13-2012

    West Takes Record Grizzly

    Steve West, founder and host of Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV, has taken the muzzleloader world record grizzly bear. The previous record of 23 2/16 inches was shattered when West's grizzly was scored at 26 1/16, eclipsing it by almost three inches.

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  • Things Changed After 9/11
    Story : Posted 09-11-2012

    Things Changed After 9/11

    Things have changed in the last 11 years. In some ways I can't put my finger on all the changes, but I feel the change, as do most Americans.

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  • Cody Robbin's Massive Mulie
    Story : Posted 09-07-2012

    Cody Robbin's Massive Mulie

    When Cody Robbins dropped his massive mule deer in Saskatchewan during a bow hunt in September 2011, he knew it was the trophy of a lifetime. Upon taking measurements, it appeared there would a new world record for a nontypical mule deer.

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  • Deer Eats On The Cheap
    Story : Posted 08-29-2012

    Deer Eats On The Cheap

    Despite the spiraling costs of growing and maintaining food plots, there are still ways to feed the deer and make them eat for less.

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