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  • Weekend At Beary's
    Story : Posted 09-13-2012

    Weekend At Beary's

    Steve West of Steve's Outdoor Adventures describes how he and his hunting party quickly found and dispatched what is now the Boone and Crockett world record grizzly taken with a muzzleloader.

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  • West Takes Record Grizzly
    Story : Posted 09-13-2012

    West Takes Record Grizzly

    Steve West, founder and host of Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV, has taken the muzzleloader world record grizzly bear. The previous record of 23 2/16 inches was shattered when West's grizzly was scored at 26 1/16, eclipsing it by almost three inches.

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  • Things Changed After 9/11
    Story : Posted 09-11-2012

    Things Changed After 9/11

    Things have changed in the last 11 years. In some ways I can't put my finger on all the changes, but I feel the change, as do most Americans.

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  • Cody Robbin's Massive Mulie
    Story : Posted 09-07-2012

    Cody Robbin's Massive Mulie

    When Cody Robbins dropped his massive mule deer in Saskatchewan during a bow hunt in September 2011, he knew it was the trophy of a lifetime. Upon taking measurements, it appeared there would a new world record for a nontypical mule deer.

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  • Deer Eats On The Cheap
    Story : Posted 08-29-2012

    Deer Eats On The Cheap

    Despite the spiraling costs of growing and maintaining food plots, there are still ways to feed the deer and make them eat for less.

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  • Unreal Wildlife
    Story : Posted 08-28-2012

    Unreal Wildlife

    An African lioness, head erect, belly on the ground, appears to give you a glance as you walk into this big conference room at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center. But the big cat can't hold your eyes more than a moment. This place appears alive with wildlife. The key word is appears. This was the site of National Taxidermists Association's 41st annual convention, which features some of the finest taxidermy in the U.S.

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  • The More, The Merrier
    Story : Posted 08-23-2012

    The More, The Merrier

    Hunting numbers are up, reversing a previous trend, according to a national survey. Shawn Meyer, an author of children's hunting books and a youth hunting advocate, said increased interest in getting young people involved in hunting is one of the primary reasons.

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  • Addicted Hits Africa
    Story : Posted 08-20-2012

    Addicted Hits Africa

    Jon and Gina Brunson, hosts of "Addicted to the Outdoors", boarded a plane with everything they would need for an African safari. With cameras, camo, bows and six other bags of gear in tow, they paid $1,600 in baggage fees for their hunt in South Africa.

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  • Crossing Over To Crossbow
    Story : Posted 08-20-2012

    Crossing Over To Crossbow

    For gun hunters wanting more time in the woods, a crossbow is a sure-fire tool that allows you to chase whitetail during archery seasons.

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  • Advantages Of An Arid World
    Story : Posted 08-15-2012

    Advantages Of An Arid World

    While it may be hard to swallow, there are actually benefits to the historic drought the United States is currently experiencing.

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