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  • Ryan Gets Shot As VP
    Story : Posted 08-14-2012

    Ryan Gets Shot As VP

    The last time a politician's hunting exploits made this many headlines was when former vice president Dick Cheney accidentally pelted a campaign contributor with birdshot. Six years later, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's hunting pedigree is making news -- in a positive manner - especially in swing states with a heavy presence of outdoorsmen.

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  • Deer Plans Drying Up
    Story : Posted 08-13-2012

    Deer Plans Drying Up

    As deer seasons approach, hunters across the nation are filling out their annual preseason check lists, making preparations in hopes of bagging that trophy whitetail. But throughout much of the middle portion of the United States, widespread drought has caused hunters to make drastic changes to those plans.

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  • Expedition Redstone
    Story : Posted 08-13-2012

    Expedition Redstone

    After his horseback hunting trek through the Northwest Territories pristine open country, James Brion, host of Nosler's MagnumTV, will tell you that it's the journey that makes the destination worthwhile. "The folks who think an entire and successful hunt happens in 30 minutes like they see on TV, well, they've never been here before," he said.

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  • Archers Acclimating To London
    Story : Posted 07-25-2012

    Archers Acclimating To London

    With an unofficial world record score during training, the USA Olympic archery team appears primed for the London Games.

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  • Waterless World
    Story : Posted 07-23-2012

    Waterless World

    With more than half of the contiguous United States in extreme drought conditions, Mother Nature is wreaking havoc on deer and will affect the way they are hunted.

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  • Drought Increases Worry of EHD
    Story : Posted 07-19-2012

    Drought Increases Worry of EHD

    For deer, the drought has become a life or death proposition; real survival of the fittest … but even some of the fittest could still perish.

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  • Drought Affecting Wildlife
    Story : Posted 07-17-2012

    Drought Affecting Wildlife

    The heat and dry conditions, which have claimed lives, fueled wildfires and dried up crops, are taking its toll on wildlife as well. From fish kills to dangerous encounters with humans, the animal world is suffering.

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  • Duck Numbers Remain Strong
    Story : Posted 07-10-2012

    Duck Numbers Remain Strong

    Based on surveys conducted in May and early June, total populations of breeding ducks were estimated at 48.6 million, a record high and only the sixth time in the USFWS survey's history that the total duck population exceeded 40 million.

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  • Every Day is Fourth of July
    Story : Posted 07-04-2012

    Every Day is Fourth of July

    Country music star Craig Morgan, who spent 10 years of active duty in the U.S. Army and almost another decade in the Army Reserve, has a special perspective on the freedom we enjoy.

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  • The Best Yet 'All Access Outdoors'
    Story : Posted 07-04-2012

    The Best Yet 'All Access Outdoors'

    The third season of "Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors" promises to be the best yet. And that's no small statement, as the second season garnered two prestigious Golden Moose Awards in January.

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