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  • The Duck Stops Here
    Story : Posted 02-16-2012

    The Duck Stops Here

    The Louisiana Marsh comes with a reputation — coon asses and Zydeco — but it's the lush green and golden expanses of marsh grass and cane surrounded by tons of water that draws so many sportsmen to this paradise.

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  • Turkey Calling's Top Prize
    Story : Posted 02-13-2012

    Turkey Calling's Top Prize

    Mark Prudhomme scored his fourth consecutive world turkey calling championship, earning the 2012 Champion of Champions title at the Wild Turkey Bourbon/National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Championships.

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  • Watch The 12th Annual Golden Moose Awards (2012)
    Story : Posted 02-13-2012

    Watch The 12th Annual Golden Moose Awards (2012)

    In an exclusive 90-minute television presentation, Outdoor Channel viewers will experience all the drama of the evening with backstage footage, red-carpet interviews and acceptance speeches of all 24 winners who took home the coveted Golden Moose Awards.

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  • Louisiana Triple Play
    Story : Posted 02-10-2012

    Louisiana Triple Play

    Erik Rue's lodge on the eastern shore of Lake Calcasieu allows guests to finish a day of duck and goose hunting with red drum and speckled trout fishing.

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  • THE Waterfowler — Pat Pitt
    Story : Posted 02-06-2012

    THE Waterfowler — Pat Pitt

    At L'Anguille Lounge Duck Club in Arkansas, Pat Pitt calls the shots as he has for 20 years.

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  • Behind the Elk Hunt
    Story : Posted 02-05-2012

    Behind the Elk Hunt

    There are a couple guys with TV cameras here at Elk Camp. They're collecting footage for upcoming episodes of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation show “RMEF Team Elk,” recently voted Fan Favorite Best New Series on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Elk Camp: Super Bull Weekend
    Story : Posted 02-04-2012

    Elk Camp: Super Bull Weekend

    As sporting events go, it doesn't get any bigger than Sunday's matchup between the New York Giants and New England Patriots in Indianapolis. Though smaller, another type of sporting event this weekend in Las Vegas — Elk Camp — has its own kind of enthusiasm.

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  • Elk Camp: The Possible Dream
    Story : Posted 02-03-2012

    Elk Camp: The Possible Dream

    What makes elk special? As the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's annual convention and expo opened its doors Feb. 2 for a three-day run in Las Vegas, a quick survey of early attendees revealed diverse opinions.

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  • Elk Camp setting up in Vegas
    Story : Posted 01-27-2012

    Elk Camp setting up in Vegas

    Hunting brings great economic benefit to Nevada, but you can't have abundant game species to hunt without habitat stewardship and conservation, and that's the inspiration behind the upcoming RMEF's Elk Camp in Las Vegas.

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  • A Late Christmas Present
    Story : Posted 01-23-2012

    A Late Christmas Present

    The Bachmanns of North Carolina gave their three sons a Christmas gift they will remember forever, a duck hunting trip to the mecca that is southeast Arkansas.

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