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  • Dangerous Game: Let's Get Closer
    Story : Posted 01-14-2015

    Dangerous Game: Let's Get Closer

    My guide asked how far I was comfortable shooting. My response was simply that 300 yards was about it. He said, “Good, some guys claim they can shoot at 500 yards and I'm always afraid they will wound the bear.”

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  • Pa. Game Commission Proposal Attacks Mentored Hunting
    Story : Posted 01-14-2015

    Pa. Game Commission Proposal Attacks Mentored Hunting

    A proposal before the Pennsylvania Game Commission would make the state the first in the nation to eliminate opportunities for young people to hunt.

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  • Let It Show, Let It Show
    Story : Posted 01-08-2015

    Let It Show, Let It Show

    As hunting season comes to a close, a new season is just getting ready to take off – trade show season. From industry shows to hunting and fishing expos, the next few months will congregate hunters and industry veterans across the country to begin a new year.

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  • My Backup Pheasant Gun
    Story : Posted 01-07-2015

    My Backup Pheasant Gun

    If the word “backup” means lesser value or importance, then it isn't proper to call this gun a “backup,” because it's very special to me. You see, a gentleman should always take two shotguns on a pheasant hunt, just in case he has a problem or needs to loan one to a friend. A backup gun doesn't have to come from the back row of the gun vault.

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  • A Dandy Dozen Resolutions for 2015
    Story : Posted 01-06-2015

    A Dandy Dozen Resolutions for 2015

    With a brand spanking New Year just barely underway as I write this, many outdoors enthusiasts – myself included – are filled with eager anticipation about what the coming 12 months will bring.

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  • The Right to Call Them 'Our Deer'
    Story : Posted 01-01-2015

    The Right to Call Them 'Our Deer'

    Talk to any passionate deer hunter and you will hear them say “my deer” or “our deer” pretty frequently. This isn't when referring to deer that they have harvested or deer raised in a pen; this is commonly used in discussions about local herds roaming their property.

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  • A November to Remember
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    A November to Remember

    We named it “Grand Central Station” back in 1985 when we first hunted there. In the fall, deer often move through this area all day long as there are large tracts of woods on the east, west and the north, with the necks of the crop fields all coming together in an old fencerow.

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  • The Great 'Bait' Debate
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    The Great 'Bait' Debate

    It's nearly impossible to say that any one hunter hunts just like another. Whether it's spot-and-stalk to all-day stand sits, or food sources to bedding area priority, rarely do we have a blueprint that hunters follow when it comes to their entire season.

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  • New Year, New Opportunities
    Story : Posted 12-30-2014

    New Year, New Opportunities

    The stretch between Christmas and New Year's Day can be a time to relax, reflect and make resolutions for the year ahead.

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  • How to Rig a Packhorse
    Story : Posted 12-29-2014

    How to Rig a Packhorse

    For a hunter, there's an incomparable thrill in riding a horse into elk country. It's the classic image of the ultimate sporting adventure.

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