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  • More New Products from Smith & Wesson (Video)
    Gear : Posted 01-07-2014

    More New Products from Smith & Wesson (Video)

    Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that the company has broadened its flagship line of professionally built M&P Series products with a new concealed carry pistol as well as new sporting rifle options for 2014.

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  • Benelli Presents The ETHOS
    Gear : Posted 01-06-2014

    Benelli Presents The ETHOS

    Benelli proudly presents the next generation of its Inertia Driven autoloaders. This elegant new semiautomatic 12-gauge shotgun is called the ETHOS—the perfect balance of art and technology.

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  • Knock Down Predators with New Burris Predator Quest Riflescopes
    Gear : Posted 01-06-2014

    Knock Down Predators with New Burris Predator Quest Riflescopes

    Burris® is proud to announce a partnership with world champion coyote caller Les Johnson to produce Predator Quest® Riflescopes, an exciting new line of varmint hunting riflescopes.

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  • S&W's New One-of-a-kind Revolvers
    Gear : Posted 01-03-2014

    S&W's New One-of-a-kind Revolvers

    Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that the master gunsmiths of the legendary Performance Center™ have once again elevated the perception of the classic wheel gun through the introduction of four new one-of-a-kind revolvers.

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  • The Insider Column: Has The New Little Glock 42 been outed?
    Gear : Posted 01-02-2014

    The Insider Column: Has The New Little Glock 42 been outed?

    The new little Glock 42 has been outed on the Boomershooter Forum. It appears to be a single stack .380, a bit smaller than the G26 9mm in most dimensions (5.94 inches in length for the .380; 6.41 inches in length; 4.13 for the height; 4.17 for the G26).

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  • Ruger GP100 Match Champion
    Gear : Posted 12-30-2013

    Ruger GP100 Match Champion

    In my experience there are few problems of the violent interpersonal nature that can't be solved with a good .357 Magnum revolver – usually with one round. Having carried a revolver for many years with the U.S. Border Patrol I never felt poorly armed with a 6 shot .357 Magnum on my hip...

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  • Stag Arms New Model 3T & 3T-M Tactical Rifles
    Gear : Posted 12-11-2013

    Stag Arms New Model 3T & 3T-M Tactical Rifles

    Incorporating the evolution of shooting tactics and rifle accessory technology we created our newest rifle. The new Model 3T AR-15 style rifle provides the shooter with a rifle that is readily usable with many of today's shooting styles. Utilizing these rifles, shooters are able to produce fast and accurate shots from close to long range as is needed in tactical situations and competitions.

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  • Rail Sling Mount
    Gear : Posted 12-07-2013

    Rail Sling Mount

    The SMR is strong and silent. It mounts to ant mil std. 1913 rail. The SMR is bullet machined aluminum and anodized.

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  • Constant Carry Carbine (C3)
    Gear : Posted 12-06-2013

    Constant Carry Carbine (C3)

    The Constant Carry Carbine is the ultimate lightweight carbine. At only 5.5lbs, DSC has created one of the most versatile AR-15's available. The ultra-lightweight makes it an ideal beginner's AR, duty rifle, or bugout weapon.

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  • 870 Receiver Block
    Gear : Posted 12-05-2013

    870 Receiver Block

    The 870RB is for Remington 870 Shotgun. No modification is required for installation. The 870RB includes an A2 Pistol Grip. Allows use of Ace modular buttstocks and folding mechanisms.

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