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  • Lasermax Lasers and Ballistol
    Gear : Posted 11-22-2013

    Lasermax Lasers and Ballistol

    Red lasers have been available for some time but green lasers have only recently come out. Because our eyes are more attuned to green than red the green lasers appear to be brighter.

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  • MidwayUSA Duffel Bags
    Gear : Posted 11-18-2013

    MidwayUSA Duffel Bags

    Simple and rugged, these duffel bags are perfect for the traveling hunter. With over 5800 cubic inches of space in the large bag and 2750 cubic inches in the medium bag, you can easily stuff a trip's worth of gear into them.

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  • MidwayUSA Heavy Duty Tactical Rifle Cases
    Gear : Posted 11-17-2013

    MidwayUSA Heavy Duty Tactical Rifle Cases

    These heavy duty cases are engineered with an internal, adjustable retention strap to provide exceptional protection for rifles and carbines of all shapes and sizes.

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  • The 30-40 Krag
    Gear : Posted 11-11-2013

    The 30-40 Krag

    The 30-40 Krag cartridge, also known as the 30 Army, 30 Government, and even the 30 USA, was used by the US Army for about a decade before being replaced by a better-designed and faster-moving round that itself was replaced within three years by the 30-06 Springfield.

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  • Reviewing The Ruger SR-762
    Gear : Posted 10-31-2013

    Reviewing The Ruger SR-762

    Good things have a way of coming back around, this time as a modern rendition of the AR-10 called the Ruger SR-762. I have waited a very long time for a .308 AR and this rifle hasn't disappointed me. It should appeal to a large...

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  • Redesigned Red Label Over-and-Under Shotgun
    Gear : Posted 10-25-2013

    Redesigned Red Label Over-and-Under Shotgun

    Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announces the launch of the newly redesigned Red Label over-and-under shotgun. It features refined inner workings, a new center of gravity and reduced recoil.

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  • Acquisition of Carlson Comps
    Gear : Posted 10-24-2013

    Acquisition of Carlson Comps

    The J&T Family of Companies is proud to announce the addition of Carlson Comps to its lineup of great American companies. These high quality, low cost muzzle devices improve the performance of your weapon and add that custom appearance you've been looking for.

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  • Streamlight Upgrades Four ProTac Models
    Gear : Posted 10-22-2013

    Streamlight Upgrades Four ProTac Models

    Streamlight® Inc. has significantly upgraded the lumen light output of four lights from its popular ProTac® tactical series: the ProTac® 1L, ProTac ® 2L, ProTac® 1AA, and ProTac® 2AA.

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  • Ruger's New SR-762 Piston-Driven Rifle
    Gear : Posted 10-21-2013

    Ruger's New SR-762 Piston-Driven Rifle

    Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the new Ruger® SR-762™, bringing the .308 Win./7.62 NATO cartridge to the popular SR-556® family of rifles.

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  • Ruger 10/22-TD Take-Down Rifle
    Gear : Posted 10-18-2013

    Ruger 10/22-TD Take-Down Rifle

    For many, the Ruger 10/22 is the epitome of .22 semi-auto rifle perfection. What could make it better? A take-down, packable Ruger 10/22-TD version of course.

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