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  • Rose Never Stops Learning
    Story : Posted 09-23-2014

    Rose Never Stops Learning

    For an angler who has ascended to some of the highest levels of the tournament bass angling game, one would think that Major League Fishing Select pro Mark Rose has it all figured out, most of it, anyway.

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  • The Salto Shrines
    Story : Posted 09-15-2014

    The Salto Shrines

    The sun was rising over the Sierra Madrés when I climbed to the cross. It is not far to the hilltop where it sits, but when I reached the monument, which the locals call La Cruz, I felt breathless.

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  • West Fork of Drakes Creek
    Story : Posted 09-05-2014

    West Fork of Drakes Creek

    Study of the Kentucky border in Simpson County reveals a funny-looking half triangle just south of Franklin.

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  • Piranha!
    Story : Posted 09-01-2014


    Nasty, mean, killing things lurk everywhere in the jungles of South America. There are blackflies, for example, that can give you onchocerciasis – river blindness – caused by worms that get in your eyeballs...

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  • 'Port A' Making New Name for Itself
    Story : Posted 08-26-2014

    'Port A' Making New Name for Itself

    Once upon a time, the sleepy Texas hamlet of Port Aransas – Port A as the community is called by many – was known far and wide as one of the best places...

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  • Doodlesock It to Me!
    Story : Posted 08-25-2014

    Doodlesock It to Me!

    Have you ever thought how different fishing was in past centuries? The modern tackle we use is very different from – and much better than – the simple tools used by anglers prior to the twentieth century.

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  • New Bassin' Bonanza Opens in Mexico
    Story : Posted 08-22-2014

    New Bassin' Bonanza Opens in Mexico

    Every few years seem to bring rumors of a hot new bass lake with awesome action. More often than not, the rumors soon prove to be true going back to Lake Guerrero in the early 1970s to the emergence of lakes El Salto and Comedero in more recent years.

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  • Dynamite Baits for Flathead Catfish
    Story : Posted 08-18-2014

    Dynamite Baits for Flathead Catfish

    Whiskerfish fans use an astounding variety of baits to entice big flathead catfish. Following are some excellent flathead baits you can and should try.

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  • KVD Reflects on Epic Performance
    Story : Posted 08-11-2014

    KVD Reflects on Epic Performance

    It was a virtuoso performance. It being the on-the-water smallmouth bass catching beat-down that Kevin VanDam threw out in August 2013 on Grand Lake as the Jack Link's MLF 2014 General Tire Summit Cup wound down in Alpena, Mich.

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  • Iaconelli Wins Big At Home
    Story : Posted 08-11-2014

    Iaconelli Wins Big At Home

    His winning total was 47 pounds, 14 ounces — a respectable weight for any midsummer tournament, and, as Iaconelli pointed out, proof that the Delaware River is a fishery worth any bass angler's time.

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