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  • Fall Frog Brawl
    Story : Posted 11-01-2013

    Fall Frog Brawl

    It wasn't the trip's primary purpose, but a hot frog bite left a lasting memory during a recent visit to North Florida's Bienville Plantation.

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  • Hold Feet To Fire
    Story : Posted 10-30-2013

    Hold Feet To Fire

    Sen. David Vitter knows how to get action. Vitter championed recreational fishing this week by securing assurances from Kathryn Sullivan, Ph.D. that NOAA would implement their own policies by pushing for a review of the outdated fishery allocations currently in place.

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  • IGFA October Hot Catches 2013
    Story : Posted 10-29-2013

    IGFA October Hot Catches 2013

    New contenders for freshwater and saltwater record titles have captured our attention for the October edition of IGFA Hot Catches.

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  • Matching the Hatch for Fall Swimbait Success
    Story : Posted 10-28-2013

    Matching the Hatch for Fall Swimbait Success

    When Major League Fishing fans think of bass pro Byron Velvick, his favorite lure, the swimbait, immediately comes to mind. Along with the thousand-watt smile that the MLF pro is well known for.

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  • Autumn Trout Fishing
    Story : Posted 10-28-2013

    Autumn Trout Fishing

    Note to trout anglers: Just because leaves are changing colors and your friends are talking about hunting deer, ducks, or small game doesn't mean you have to put your fishing gear away.

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  • Challenge Cup Filming in North Texas
    Story : Posted 10-25-2013

    Challenge Cup Filming in North Texas

    Jack Link's Major League Fishing is filming in North Texas this week on lakes around the city of Denton. The Shell Rotella Challenge Cup is Major League Fishing's fifth event.

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  • Textbook Fall Fishing
    Story : Posted 10-25-2013

    Textbook Fall Fishing

    For many anglers, there is a favorite time of the year that they enjoy fishing the most. But Major League Fishing co-founder Gary Klein is at home on the water no matter when he happens to be fishing.

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  • Trout Stockings Underway
    Story : Posted 10-24-2013

    Trout Stockings Underway

    The severe dip in the jet stream this week brought Kentucky its first blast of cold winds since last spring. Folks are acting like we've never had winter weather before now.

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  • Real Serpent of the Sea
    Story : Posted 10-17-2013

    Real Serpent of the Sea

    An 18-foot-long oarfish was found by one of the institute's instructors in Toyon Bay off Catalina Island, located off the coast of southern California. A CIMI news release described it as a “discovery of a lifetime.”

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  • Take a Look at Snook
    Story : Posted 10-16-2013

    Take a Look at Snook

    I walked outside, stretched my arms, took a deep breath and literally said "aaahhh!" That's the human reaction to fall's arrival. Snook don't share that view. They feel that first tinge of cooling water and they think, "Oh crap, it's about to get cold."

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