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  • Ike: It's All on Me
    Story : Posted 08-12-2013

    Ike: It's All on Me

    Information in professional bass tournaments has been a part of the sport for years. Even in B.A.S.S. Elite and FLW Tour events, where there are information cut-offs and pros are no longer allowed to talk to non-competitors, the anglers still share considerable amounts of information amongst each other.

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  • Bassmaster Elites Series Will Return To New York In 2014
    Story : Posted 08-12-2013

    Bassmaster Elites Series Will Return To New York In 2014

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and B.A.S.S. announced the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament will return to New York state in 2014. Under a partnership with B.A.S.S., the event will include the "Governor's Challenge."

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  • Running Down Spot in Classic
    Story : Posted 08-11-2013

    Running Down Spot in Classic

    Brandon Palaniuk risked a 200-plus mile run each day but ending up running away with the Bassmaster Elite Series event on the St. Lawrence River, earning $100,000 and the Classic berth he has targeted since reaching bass fishing's top cirucit. “I don't care about the money, just give me the Classic berth.”

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  • Wreck to Riches, Part 2
    Story : Posted 08-08-2013

    Wreck to Riches, Part 2

    Sometimes, the wreck action fires up as soon as you drop the first bait. Other times, the locals need a little convincing. Experienced wreckers know that beating the surface with a rod tip will bring curious amberjack topside to investigate.

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  • Zona's Awesome Fishing Trip Contest
    Story : Posted 08-07-2013

    Zona's Awesome Fishing Trip Contest

    The fishing trip will take place in October, 2013 and the lucky winner will also receive a $1,000.00 gift card for airfare and lodging, and a complimentary BoatUS Angler prize pack.

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  • Todd Ashcroft - Customer Service
    Story : Posted 08-06-2013

    Todd Ashcroft - Customer Service

    Meet a member of the Mercury Marine team - Todd Ashcroft - Customer Service

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  • Smallmouth on the Fly
    Story : Posted 08-06-2013

    Smallmouth on the Fly

    This has been the summer of the bug and fishing can be tough when the water is splattered with so much hook-free food. Sometimes nothing in the tackle box will provoke a strike.

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  • Shark Week Of Their Own
    Story : Posted 08-05-2013

    Shark Week Of Their Own

    It's most likely purely coincidence that the yearly spectacle of Shark Week coincides with a large harvest of sometimes record-breaking mako sharks off Southern California's coast.

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  • August Fishing Ideas
    Story : Posted 08-02-2013

    August Fishing Ideas

    August can be a challenging time to fish for some anglers. If we get normal weather conditions, whatever normal is, following are some ideas that will help you be more successful catching fish in August.

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  • Wreck to Riches
    Story : Posted 07-24-2013

    Wreck to Riches

    Theirs is a tale of nautical mishap, but time and nature have turned the many wrecks scattered throughout the Gulf and Atlantic into cornucopias of angling abundance.

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