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  • A Rainy Day is OK
    Story : Posted 06-15-2013

    A Rainy Day is OK

    Success is less contingent upon what life deals you than it is upon how you respond to it. Cast in point: I joined a handful of pro anglers and representatives from PRADCO Outdoors for what was scheduled as a two-day stretch of fishing, interviews and copious picture taking.

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  • Making it Great Again
    Story : Posted 06-14-2013

    Making it Great Again

    In the 1960's, Lake Geneva was a walleye factory, but over the course of many years the population of walleyes has been on a steady decline. The Walworth County Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow hopes to increase & maintain the walleye population.

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  • Underwater Surveillance
    Story : Posted 06-13-2013

    Underwater Surveillance

    "I'll never forget the first time I got a peek at the underwater world on one of my favorite lakes," recalls Great Lakes bass pro, Joe Balog. It was the summer of 1997, and Balog had just acquired one of the very first underwater viewing systems.

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  • Fishing From the Mixing Bowl
    Story : Posted 06-11-2013

    Fishing From the Mixing Bowl

    Fish are funny creatures. A person can never be sure just what it is that is going to turn them on. One day it may be plastic and the next it could be spinnerbaits, crankbaits, live bait, spinners, top water or a host of other presentations.

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  • Facilitating Amazon Adventures
    Story : Posted 06-11-2013

    Facilitating Amazon Adventures

    Anglers considering the trip of a lifetime to South America's vast Amazon Basin should keep a couple of key numbers in mind - none of which directly address the astounding size of this amazing fishery.

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  • Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth
    Story : Posted 06-10-2013

    Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth

    I'm ready to hit the open water in one of my kayaks to chase smallmouth and largemouth bass. The great thing about kayaks, and living in Wisconsin, is we have so many great fishing options.

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  • Red Snapper Win For Anglers
    Story : Posted 06-07-2013

    Red Snapper Win For Anglers

    Last week, a judgment was rendered in favor of Louisiana and Texas that declares the emergency rule null and void. The ruling means that NMFS must recalculate the 2013 red snapper fishing season in federal waters off to be equal for all Gulf States.

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  • Stars and Striper for 'Bama
    Story : Posted 06-05-2013

    Stars and Striper for 'Bama

    On May 13, 2013, James Bramlett of Dora, Ala., received a highly anticipated call from the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). Bramlett was informed that his a 69-pound, 9-ounce landlocked striped bass now holds the world record for that species.

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  • Early Season Bass
    Story : Posted 06-04-2013

    Early Season Bass

    Largemouth bass can be found in lots of lakes, rivers, and ponds across the country. In the southern regions of bass country it's already mid-season for bass catching, but in the Midwest the bass action is just starting.

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  • Best Bets for Bar Hopping
    Story : Posted 06-04-2013

    Best Bets for Bar Hopping

    If you think the "bar scene" is all about overpriced drinks and lame pickup lines, you're looking at the wrong bar. If you need a change of pace, just trade the cramped dance floors and loud music for the open spaces and pleasant tranquility of hopping from one oyster bar to the next.

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