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  • Secret Sanctuaries
    Story : Posted 12-20-2012

    Secret Sanctuaries

    From Tampa Bay to Charlotte Harbor, those willing to invest the time and effort may find angling nirvana in one of the hidden spots. From small creeks dead-ending in small pools to bona fide saltwater lagoons, opportunities for secluded fishing exist off the beaten path, yet often surprisingly close to well-traveled fishing lanes.

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  • Scroggins Takes KVD's Spot
    Story : Posted 12-17-2012

    Scroggins Takes KVD's Spot

    Five-time B.A.S.S. event champion Terry Scroggins joins the competition field for Jack Link's Major League Fishing's second televised event, The General Tire Summit Cup, League Commissioner Don Rucks announced.

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  • Air Heads
    Story : Posted 12-16-2012

    Air Heads

    Normally, running wide open toward a bunch of herons and egrets standing ankle-deep qualifies you as certifiably insane. But for every rule, exceptions exist. Capt. Greg DeVault had no intention of harming the birds, and running an airboat allows him to get over skinny water to the fishing spots.

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  • Flounder Fun
    Story : Posted 12-08-2012

    Flounder Fun

    I shouldn't have assumed, but when my pal Capt. Richard Seward shouted "Got one," the scenario seemed to make it a foregone conclusion. We were both in waders and standing on the side of the small channel winding its way out of a small creek in Upper Tampa Bay.

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  • IGFA October Hot Catches
    Story : Posted 12-05-2012

    IGFA October Hot Catches

    The IGFA World Records committee has a full plate of records to review this month, including these six saltwater and three freshwater catches.

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  • Flying High
    Story : Posted 11-26-2012

    Flying High

    With the cool season igniting east coast sailfish action, anglers will be taking to the near shore waters in search of the spindlebeak ballerinas knows as much for their acrobatic leaps, as their distinctive dorsal assembly.

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  • Puppy Play
    Story : Posted 11-26-2012

    Puppy Play

    Fall finds surf fishermen lining North Carolina's Outer Banks for the famed surf run of jumbo redfish. Exciting, no doubt, but this beach fishery can be hit-or-miss. Meanwhile, the Tarheel State's vast backwater system offers a predictable year-round fishery for juvenile reds that locals call "puppy drum."

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  • Sandy Showers the Show
    Story : Posted 11-19-2012

    Sandy Showers the Show

    Sandy rained on the parade that was the 2012 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, but it passed and the huge event lived up to its expectations.

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  • The Better Fish – Barramundi
    Story : Posted 11-15-2012

    The Better Fish – Barramundi

    Fishing for barramundi in northern Australia isn't for the feint-hearted. Josh Goldman knows. Touring fish farms in a remote area that reminded him of Jurassic Park, the founder of Australis Aquaculture wanted to hook some wild barramundi, the species his company had just began farming in Massachusetts.

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  • Launching Alone
    Story : Posted 11-13-2012

    Launching Alone

    Tampa Bay guide, Capt. Richard Seward, who regularly launches his 24-foot Carolina skiff by himself at busy ramps, breaks down the process into simple steps borne of his sage experience.

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