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  • Sandy Killed Coastal Fishing
    Story : Posted 11-08-2012

    Sandy Killed Coastal Fishing

    Barely a week has gone since Hurricane Sandy bashed through New Jersey and parts of New York, Connecticut and a few other states.

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  • Rail (Road) To Angling Abundance
    Story : Posted 11-06-2012

    Rail (Road) To Angling Abundance

    As the year winds down, scores of anglers will look back on 2012 with fond memories of awesome Key West fishing. And with fourth-quarter chill driving a mass migration of gamefish to these warm, current-rich waters, the forthcoming winter season promises a briny bonanza for America's southernmost city.

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  • Boat Repair Done Right
    Story : Posted 11-04-2012

    Boat Repair Done Right

    For many recreational boaters, getting the right salvage and repair help for a damaged boat after a hurricane is difficult. Some insurance programs like BoatUS will arrange and pay to have their insured's boats salvaged and other insurers will at least provide some assistance, but those without insurance don't have anyone to lean on.

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  • Urban Fishing For Peacocks
    Story : Posted 11-02-2012

    Urban Fishing For Peacocks

    Quietly trolling in the heart of Miami, Steve McDonald waits for a bite. He targets a rare fish known for its bright colors, a fish that in the U.S. can only be found in this canal system.

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  • Making Muskie Mark
    Story : Posted 10-31-2012

    Making Muskie Mark

    When Joseph Seeberger hooked into his group's fourth fish of the day, what he thought was another smallmouth bass, he told partners “It's a good one.” Boy, was it ever.

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  • What To Do After Sandy
    Story : Posted 10-31-2012

    What To Do After Sandy

    It's barely a day since she struck the New Jersey coast with all her fury, and early reports indicate that Hurricane Sandy has caused significant damage to marinas, boat yards, boat clubs and boating infrastructure. BoatUS provides salvage tips to boat owners.

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  • Choupiques Dominate
    Story : Posted 10-26-2012

    Choupiques Dominate

    It's not often that catching a choupique will earn first place in a fishing tournament. But it happened at the first annual Fishing For Kids Tournament at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. Twice.

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  • Perfect Storm For Northeast?
    Story : Posted 10-25-2012

    Perfect Storm For Northeast?

    She's just a day old -- and even though no hurricane watches or warnings have yet been posted for the eastern U.S. -- Hurricane Sandy is getting some big time attention from forecasters because of unique circumstances that could make her more threatening.

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  • Autumn Beach Blast
    Story : Posted 10-23-2012

    Autumn Beach Blast

    The sight is unmistakable - frothing white water, violent surface explosions, sporadic waves of silver shards leaping for their lives. It's the annual fall baitfish migration along Florida's West Coast and it's one of the best times of the year to bend a rod on a mixed bag of jacked up predatory species.

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  • Handle With Care
    Story : Posted 10-22-2012

    Handle With Care

    When sports fans tune in to Outdoor Channel in January to view the second Jack Link's Major League Fishing® event, they will see something fundamentally different in the way anglers bring fish into the boat, as well as another major sponsor.

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