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  • USAS and SSSF Announce New Partnership
    Story : Posted 09-17-2013

    USAS and SSSF Announce New Partnership

    USA Shooting and the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation are proud to announce that they have entered into a new Memorandum of Understanding that strengthens their ongoing relationship.

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  • Interview with Joe Mantegna
    Story : Posted 09-10-2013

    Interview with Joe Mantegna

    On the set of MidwayUSA's Gun Stories at the Los Angeles Silhouette Club at the Angeles shooting range, Michael Bane, producer for Gun Stories and fellow Outdoor Channel friend and personality, recently sat down with host Joe Mantegna.

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  • Home Given Away at Patriot Weekend
    Story : Posted 09-09-2013

    Home Given Away at Patriot Weekend

    Daniel Defense recognizes the personal sacrifice the men and women of the United States Armed Forces make every day. Friday night, with gratitude, Daniel Defense presented a combat veteran and his wife with the gift of a mortgage-free home.

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  • Doug Koenig Shoots Perfect Score
    Story : Posted 09-05-2013

    Doug Koenig Shoots Perfect Score

    Doug Koenig now has 15 Bianchi Cup wins to his credit. His latest feat was especially significant, shooting a perfect score of 1920 182Xs to win the European Bianchi Cup for the fifth consecutive time.

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  • Babes with Bullets Names Athena Lee as Director of Communications
    Story : Posted 09-03-2013

    Babes with Bullets Names Athena Lee as Director of Communications

    Babes with Bullets, the organizers of the nationwide women-focused shooting sports camps is pleased to announce that world hand gun champion, Athena Lee, has taken the position of Director of Communications.

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  • MidwayUSA Celebrates 36 Years
    Story : Posted 09-01-2013

    MidwayUSA Celebrates 36 Years

    One million Customers; One million dollars to the NRA; Record NRA Round-Up contributions; it's been an exciting year at MidwayUSA, and on June 18 the company will pause briefly to reflect on 36 great years in business and 36 years of putting the Customer first.

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  • Children and Guns In The Home
    Story : Posted 08-30-2013

    Children and Guns In The Home

    Anyone living in or visiting a home containing unsecured firearms needs to be thoroughly trained in firearms safety and safe gun handling. If people cannot be trained, as in the case of small children, the guns must be secured...

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  • Younger, Female and Urban
    Story : Posted 08-30-2013

    Younger, Female and Urban

    The face of America's target shooters is changing. New target shooters are younger, female and urban when compared to established target shooters, or those participating for more than five years, according to a survey commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation®.

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  • Mantegna Pulls Them In
    Story : Posted 08-27-2013

    Mantegna Pulls Them In

    Joe Mantegna, an American Tony Award-winning actor, producer, writer and director, might be best known for his roles in movies, like the “The Godfather Part III” and CBS' hit drama “Criminal Minds.” He's now a regular on Outdoor Channel, hosting “MidwayUSA's Gun Stories,” where he's added a Golden Moose Award to his accolades.

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  • 'Proud to Be a Firearms Owner' Pocket Card
    Story : Posted 08-22-2013

    'Proud to Be a Firearms Owner' Pocket Card

    With its new "Proud to Be a Firearms Owner" pocket card, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® is arming the nation's 100 million gun owners with facts they can use to demonstrate they are law-abiding...

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