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  • Younger, Female and Urban
    Story : Posted 08-30-2013

    Younger, Female and Urban

    The face of America's target shooters is changing. New target shooters are younger, female and urban when compared to established target shooters, or those participating for more than five years, according to a survey commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation®.

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  • Mantegna Pulls Them In
    Story : Posted 08-27-2013

    Mantegna Pulls Them In

    Joe Mantegna, an American Tony Award-winning actor, producer, writer and director, might be best known for his roles in movies, like the “The Godfather Part III” and CBS' hit drama “Criminal Minds.” He's now a regular on Outdoor Channel, hosting “MidwayUSA's Gun Stories,” where he's added a Golden Moose Award to his accolades.

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  • 'Proud to Be a Firearms Owner' Pocket Card
    Story : Posted 08-22-2013

    'Proud to Be a Firearms Owner' Pocket Card

    With its new "Proud to Be a Firearms Owner" pocket card, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® is arming the nation's 100 million gun owners with facts they can use to demonstrate they are law-abiding...

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  • Joe Mantegna's Gun Story
    Story : Posted 08-21-2013

    Joe Mantegna's Gun Story

    Outdoor Channel had the opportunity to talk with Joe Mantegna, actor and host of MidwayUSA's Gun Stories. Learn how he became interested in guns while growing up in Chicago, being a gun advocate, and what separates MidwayUSA's Gun Stories from other gun shows.

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  • Julie Golob Achieves NRA Action Pistol Distinguished Status
    Story : Posted 08-13-2013

    Julie Golob Achieves NRA Action Pistol Distinguished Status

    After winning her third NRA Bianchi Cup Women's Championship, Golob is one of just four women who have earned Distinguished status in the sport of Action Pistol.

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  • Geeked Out About Guns
    Story : Posted 08-08-2013

    Geeked Out About Guns

    A century ago, President Teddy Roosevelt delivered a speech with a bullet in his chest, telling the campaign crowd in Milwaukee, “it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”

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  • Crosman Renews Partnership with Jim Shockey
    Story : Posted 08-08-2013

    Crosman Renews Partnership with Jim Shockey

    Crosman Corporation announces the renewal of a multi-year endorsement partnership with professional hunter Jim Shockey and his television show, Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, airing on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Complete Guide to Personal, Home Defense
    Story : Posted 08-07-2013

    Complete Guide to Personal, Home Defense

    Today's world is more dangerous than ever before. With 911 response times averaging 10 minutes or more, you're left with one truth: when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, you're on your own.

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  • Extreme Rifle Challenge on Shooting USA
    Story : Posted 08-07-2013

    Extreme Rifle Challenge on Shooting USA

    This time on "Shooting USA," it's a precision rifle competition that will test more than just the shooter's ability to make a shot. The Bushnell Brawl is a one-of-a-kind physical and mental challenge at Rifles Only in Texas.

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  • Blasts From The Past
    Story : Posted 08-07-2013

    Blasts From The Past

    Jim Supica beamed like a proud papa. He spoke energetically about the arrival of his new baby, the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum.

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