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  • Rhode to History . . . 365 Days Later
    Story : Posted 07-29-2013

    Rhode to History . . . 365 Days Later

    July 29 marks 365 days since Kim Rhode earned her historic fifth medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Five medals in five consecutive Olympic Games puts her on a pedestal attained by no other American competing in an individual sport.

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  • Duff Takes Steel Challenge
    Story : Posted 07-26-2013

    Duff Takes Steel Challenge

    Taurus®, the global leader in revolver manufacturing, congratulates pro-shooter Jessie Duff on her recent wins in both the Ladies' Limited and Open divisions at the 2013 Steel Challenge World Championships in Frostproof, Fla.

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  • Range Hosts Shooting Days for Vets
    Story : Posted 07-26-2013

    Range Hosts Shooting Days for Vets

    MDC, the High Ridge VFW, the Spinal Cord Injury Ward and the Association for Paralyzed Veterans of America are partnering to provide a chance for vets with spinal injuries to get out and do some of the things they enjoy, such as engaging in shooting sports.

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  • SIG SAUER Sponsors IDPA Championship
    Story : Posted 07-19-2013

    SIG SAUER Sponsors IDPA Championship

    The Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship will take place August 16-18 at the Harvard Sportsmen's Club in Harvard, Massachusetts and will again be hosted by the MetroWest Tactical IDPA club.

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  • 12 Wins for Zins
    Story : Posted 07-18-2013

    12 Wins for Zins

    Brian Zins joined the third and second place shooters already on stage at Camp Perry, Ohio's Hough Theater. He had just won his 12th NRA National Pistol Championship, twice as many as any other shooter in the National Matches' history.

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  • Illinois Allows Concealed-Carry
    Story : Posted 07-15-2013

    Illinois Allows Concealed-Carry

    The Second Amendment Foundation congratulated Illinois lawmakers for "courageously overriding Gov. Pat Quinn's veto" of concealed carry legislation.

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  • NRA's National Defense Match
    Story : Posted 07-11-2013

    NRA's National Defense Match

    Two years ago the NRA began toying around with a match to develop and test defensive rifle skills with modern, general-purpose rifles. After careful refining, NRA General Operations is proud to present the NRA National Defense Match.

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  • Grand Opening of New NRA Museum
    Story : Posted 07-10-2013

    Grand Opening of New NRA Museum

    On Aug. 2, 2013, the National Rifle Association will celebrate the grand opening of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, which is located at the Bass Pro Shops store in Springfield, Mo.

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  • First-time Gun Buyers
    Story : Posted 06-24-2013

    First-time Gun Buyers

    A study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® reveals that first-time gun buyers are largely active in one or more shooting activities and that women are motivated to purchase their first firearm predominately for personal defense.

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  • A Profoundly Subjective Decision
    Story : Posted 06-21-2013

    A Profoundly Subjective Decision

    What we choose to defend ourselves with is a profoundly subjective decision. The overwhelming factors in that decision are strictly personal — age, body composition, weight, height, physical condition, level of skill, daily routine, job, commute, commitment, time to train or practice, and on and on.

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