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  • Defensive Pistol Lasers
    Story : Posted 02-08-2013

    Defensive Pistol Lasers

    Ed Head, a regular on "Shooting Gallery" and Down Range TV, outlines his thoughts on why using lasers on pistols for defensive purposes might have merit. Sharing some anecdotes, he concludes that although worthwhile they are not a cheat or replacement for proper gun handling and training.

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  • IDPA Nat'l Championships Return to Tulsa's U.S. Shooting Academy
    Story : Posted 02-06-2013

    IDPA Nat'l Championships Return to Tulsa's U.S. Shooting Academy

    Officials with the IDPA announced that the organization has selected the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Okla., to host the 2013 and 2014 IDPA National Championships.

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  • SHOT Show Sets Attendance Record
    Story : Posted 01-22-2013

    SHOT Show Sets Attendance Record

    The SHOT Show concluded four successful days at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, setting new attendance records and marking the 35th anniversary of the event.

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  • Zombies Taken Out, Gun Rights In Sights
    Story : Posted 01-17-2013

    Zombies Taken Out, Gun Rights In Sights

    Judging from the rows of new products missing last year's zombie presence, that craze is over. A more serious threat is impending as gun rights are once again being threatened.

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  • Been Here, Done That
    Story : Posted 01-16-2013

    Been Here, Done That

    President Obama's new gun proposals announcement was watched on a big screen at the SHOT Show. The reaction of attendees was heated, but as one pointed out, "The more they try to restrict these guns, the more people want them."

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  • NSSF Statement on Proposed Gun Measures
    Story : Posted 01-16-2013

    NSSF Statement on Proposed Gun Measures

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation is reviewing Vice President Biden's gun control recommendations with an open mind in hopes they will offer real means of achieving our shared goal.

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  • 'Media Day in Baghdad'
    Story : Posted 01-14-2013

    'Media Day in Baghdad'

    Neither 30-degree temperatures, nor 20-mile-an-hour north winds, nor a 35-mile drive away from Las Vegas could keep the media from one of its most popular rounds at the annual SHOT Show, Media Day at the Range.

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  • NRA Competitive Shooting in 2014
    Story : Posted 01-03-2013

    NRA Competitive Shooting in 2014

    While all may seen quiet in the cold winter months, the Competitive Shooting staff is working hard to make sure it continues offering a wide range of shooting activities to everyone interested in our great American tradition – from novices to world champions.

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  • Court Victory For Carry
    Story : Posted 12-12-2012

    Court Victory For Carry

    The Second Amendment Foundation has won a huge victory for the right to bear arms outside the home, with a ruling in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that declares the right to self-defense is "broader than the right to have a gun in one's home."

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  • Twelve Days of Christmas
    Story : Posted 12-12-2012

    Twelve Days of Christmas

    Come back each day to see what's under the tree in the Twelve Days of Christmas, style. On the twelfth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, twelve outdoor features.

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