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  • Five Winter Boat Tips
    HowTo : Posted 12-19-2013

    Five Winter Boat Tips

    If your boat and trailer are going to spend the snow season outside exposed to the elements, BoatUS has five tips to protect your investment and prevent winter's bitter effects from taking hold and causing problems down the road.

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  • Five Essential Long-Term Survival Skills
    HowTo : Posted 09-20-2013

    Five Essential Long-Term Survival Skills

    Survivalists should know the basics, such as beans, bullets, band-aids, shooting skills, water purification, etc. But during a long-term, complete collapse of society, what other kinds of skills will people need to know?

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  • The Boating Dog's Days of Summer
    HowTo : Posted 07-31-2013

    The Boating Dog's Days of Summer

    Some dogs were born for the water, others less so. The key to boating with dogs, says Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), is taking it slow and making safety #1.

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  • Tick-bite Prevention Tips
    HowTo : Posted 07-19-2013

    Tick-bite Prevention Tips

    While preparing for fun in the sun this summer, take time to brush up on tick-bite prevention. A few simple actions to discourage ticks from attaching to you will help you avoid contracting a potentially devastating tick-borne disease.

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  • DIY ATV Upkeep
    HowTo : Posted 07-15-2013

    DIY ATV Upkeep

    Do-It-Yourself ATV Upkeep and Considerations to save you time and money. Take care of your tires, and your tires will take care of you. Those puppies take a lot of abuse — and that means maintenance is the name of the game.

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  • Nine Ways Boaters Can Save
    HowTo : Posted 07-10-2013

    Nine Ways Boaters Can Save

    Like many Americans, boat owners have to watch their budget. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has nine tips on ways boaters can save this summer.

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  • Stress-Free Vacation Tips
    HowTo : Posted 07-09-2013

    Stress-Free Vacation Tips

    A vacation is supposed to be relaxing, fun and give you a chance to recharge your batteries. However, traveling can be extremely taxing when you're corralling kids at the rest stop back to the minivan or dealing with lost luggage or flight delays at the airport.

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  • Spring Camping Tips & Necessities
    HowTo : Posted 05-09-2013

    Spring Camping Tips & Necessities

    When packing, remember spring can deliver extreme warm, cold, and wet weather—and without much warning. Bring a tent and sleeping bag that are rated for temperatures several degrees below the kind of weather you're anticipating, to be safe.

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  • DockDogs Big Air® Training Tips
    HowTo : Posted 03-20-2013

    DockDogs Big Air® Training Tips

    Kristi Baird of Puget Sound DockDogs has put together a great video for training in DockDogs Big Air®! Whether you're a long time competitor, or just getting started, this is a resource you should not miss!

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  • Training Tips: A Toy Motivated Sport
    HowTo : Posted 03-10-2013

    Training Tips: A Toy Motivated Sport

    Outdoor Channel takes an opportunity to talk about the basics and differences between Big Air®, Extreme Vertical™, and Speed Retrieve™, with the larger goal of how to teach your dog these different, but similar disciplines.

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