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  • Sirguy's Silver Lining
    Story : Posted 10-02-2012

    Sirguy's Silver Lining

    Branden Sirguy received more than the competition from the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series World Championship held in Lillehammer, Norway, on Sept. 7-8. But he got a medal, too.

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  • Wearing Colors With Pride
    Story : Posted 09-04-2012

    Wearing Colors With Pride

    Dave Jewett owns scores of records and accolades accrued over a quarter century of competing in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series presented by Ram Trucks. After that introduction, what spikes his competitive spirit might come as a surprise.

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  • Cogar's French Connection
    Story : Posted 08-21-2012

    Cogar's French Connection

    U.S. champion Arden Cogar Jr. gets back to basics on training trip to France, where he found fundamentals helped his top end.

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  • Hungry Jack Recipe
    Story : Posted 08-06-2012

    Hungry Jack Recipe

    Arden Cogar Jr. is hungry for the world title, even if it means going a little hungry at times. The U.S. Champion of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series presented by Ram Trucks is chomping at the bit for this week's STIHL World Championships in Lillehammer, Norway.

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  • Trailside Repairs and Tools
    Story : Posted 07-29-2012

    Trailside Repairs and Tools

    Be prepared to get out of any situation you may come across in the field with your ATV.

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  • Choosing An ATV Helmet
    Story : Posted 07-17-2012

    Choosing An ATV Helmet

    When it comes to helmets, the decision to wear one can be a matter of life or death in the event of a bad spill. So obviously a helmet is the single most important piece of riding gear an OHV enthusiast can wear.

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  • Chips Off The Old Block
    Story : Posted 06-14-2012

    Chips Off The Old Block

    The message of Father's Day tributes resonates the same for Matt Cogar and Matt Slingerland. Both sons have their dads to thank for passing on a lumberjack legacy running deep through their families.

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  • STIHL Offers Cogars Show
    Story : Posted 06-12-2012

    STIHL Offers Cogars Show

    Present, future of U.S. lumberjacking hits airwaves on Outdoor Channel in form of Arden Cogar Jr. and cousin Matt Cogar.

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  • Cogar Sees Stars In Win
    Story : Posted 06-02-2012

    Cogar Sees Stars In Win

    Arden Cogar Jr. thankful to have STIHL TIMBERSPORTS U.S. Championships cut to size before hot saw.

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  • STIHL Cuts To Final Eight
    Story : Posted 06-01-2012

    STIHL Cuts To Final Eight

    Hot saw deals misery as field for U.S. Championships cut to eight for final round

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