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  • Larimer County Attempts to Ban Panning
    Story : Posted 02-04-2013

    Larimer County Attempts to Ban Panning reported the Department of Natural Resources in Larimer County, Colorado proposed a ban on gold panning on DNR properties, claiming the department needed to sort out its mineral rights.

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  • Cool Rides at SHOT
    Story : Posted 01-17-2013

    Cool Rides at SHOT

    You've seen the tricked out new products from SHOT Show 2013 in our photo galleries, now take a look at the juiced-up vehicles that were on the floor.

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  • Lower Prices, Lower Fuel Use
    Story : Posted 01-07-2013

    Lower Prices, Lower Fuel Use

    The Progressive Insurance 12-city motorcycle and power sports show circuit is under way with some interesting developments. The combined effect of a slow economy and ever-increasing competition has caused the big manufacturers to bring out vehicles that are stingier on fuel while at the same time are priced lower.

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  • Tailoring Crosscut Saws
    Story : Posted 01-04-2013

    Tailoring Crosscut Saws

    Jim Taylor has an appropriate surname. It would fit even better if it were spelled "t-a-i-l-o-r." Taylor's sartorial skills, however, are applied to steel rather than cloth. No one has a better reputation for making crosscut saws that fit the man doing the sawing.

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  • Online For Off-Road Course
    Story : Posted 12-07-2012

    Online For Off-Road Course

    Students who need to complete an ATV safety course to get their ATV license or safety certificate can now take that training on their smartphone, tablet or laptop at

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  • ATVs Take The Plunge
    Story : Posted 11-09-2012

    ATVs Take The Plunge

    One if by land, two if by sea. What about one by land and sea? That's what came out of Detroit this month in the Quadski, which is half ATV, half personal watercraft.

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  • Art From The Woodpile
    Story : Posted 10-25-2012

    Art From The Woodpile

    Meet Dave Jewett, a woodsman with a creative eye for turning logs into art. Not yard art. But of meticulous carvings made with a chainsaw. Call it his gasoline-powered paintbrush.

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  • Island Of The Big Grizzlies
    Story : Posted 10-22-2012

    Island Of The Big Grizzlies

    Mike Munsey grew up on Kodiak Island and knows the grizzly bears there better than anyone. As one curious bear approached within 15 feet of him and writer Steve Price, the humans knew they were on Kodiak because the bears allowed them to be there. Munsey wants to keep it that way.

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  • Cogar Fourth; U.S. Relay Second
    Story : Posted 10-19-2012

    Cogar Fourth; U.S. Relay Second

    If not for the mechanical saws, Arden Cogar Jr. might be signing a different tune. Poor finishes in the stock saw and hot saw hurt Cogar as he finished fourth in the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series World Championship.

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  • Traveling The World
    Story : Posted 10-17-2012

    Traveling The World

    Qualifying for the World Championships was one there; getting there was another. U.S. champion Arden Cogar, Jr., and most of the U.S. team had trying travel to Norway and back.

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