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Pat Reeve

Pat Reeve

When you talk about someone that has knowledge, skill and has successfully taken over 60 wild whitetails in his career you most likely will hear the name Pat Reeve.

At the age of six he started hunting with his father Keith. His dad’s love for whitetail deer hunting soon rubbed off on him and now some thirty years later his love for hunting is even stronger than what it was when he first started.

After putting over 50 Pope and Young bucks on the wall, three which gross Boone, Pat thought his hunting career was going well until his great accomplishment yet which was shooting the largest typical ever taken by hunter on professional video scoring 200” Boone and Crockett. He said “I don’t know if I will ever top that but I know I will have fun trying!”

If you were to ask him the downfall to his occupation, he would say being away from his four wonderful children; Olivia, Cole, Carson and Isabel. The upside is that they are all looking forward to getting involved and going hunting with their dad in the future. This year he’s enjoying time afield with girlfriend and successful hunter Nicole Jones. One thing he has learned so far on his journey is that everyday is a new day and life throws you curve balls. Defeat and failure is inevitable but its how you deal with it, which is really what determines success. He can’t wait to get a chance at the next big buck that comes down the trail but says, “Good Hunting and remember to stay “Driven”!