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Brenda Valentine

Brenda Valentine

Brenda Valentine is an award winning author, photographer, speaker, television and video personality, but above all she is an accomplished hunter with a genuine love for nature and a shining ambassador for the hunting industry. She is relentless in her mission of introducing and promoting hunting in an ethical manner to women, children and nonhunters. Brenda enthusiastically relays the wonders of nature, the laws of conservation and the rewards of hunting to all.

Valentine literally grew up in the woods and was hunting before she learned to walk. Born and raised in rural northwestern Tennessee where hunting has always played an important part of the culture, Brenda ultimately became extremely knowledgeable in all areas of woodsmanship and animal behavior. She is proficient with all types of firearms and archery equipment. Brenda competed in professional archery shoots on the national level for many years accumulating dozens of first place state and regional championship titles including the 1991 IBO Ladies Team National Champion. Valentine has hunted extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Africa, enjoying the challenge of each species but proclaims the whitetail deer and wild turkey as her favorite game animals.

Hunter Education, National Bowhunter Education, Becoming an Outdoors Woman, A Sporting Chance, Wheelin' Sportsmen and Women in the Outdoors are but a few of Brenda's special interests programs. She puts many hours and much effort each year toward the success of each organization. Valentine is a National Spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation's Women In TheOutdoors program, serves on the Pope & Young Club's Conservation Committee and is on the Board of Directors of the juvenile mentoring program, "A Sporting Chance." She is the only woman to date to receive the Knight Rifle,"Master Hunter" award. Brenda is a six-year member of RedHead Professional Hunting Team and a co-host of the award winning "OUTDOOR WORLD" television program. She is currently a nominee for the TNSports Hall of Fame for her archery accomplishments. Brenda hosts her own Ladies Bowhunting School and a Ladies whitetail deer hunt each fall. Her trademarked title, "The First Lady of Hunting," is certainly appropriate and well deserved.