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Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Being raised in a military family and have traveled the world most of his life, Steve has experienced a diverse upbringing while experiencing a wide range of cultures. After serving a tour in the U.S. Air Force and enduring survival school and advanced military training, his love and passion for the true outdoors increased beyond belief.

While growing up, fishing and shooting were daily activities. But quickly realized that the truest challenge was Archery hunting or as Steve puts it “throwing sticks”. Being self taught, Steve knows failure is an integral part of success and believes sharing with others his mistakes has become his second passion “teaching”. “I love helping others to be the best hunter they can be, physically, spiritually and mentally” Steve says. Being physically fit is a huge part of an archer’s success and is stressed by Steve. He is obsessed with deer hunting and prefers the spot and stalk method. “You need to get to where they live and being in top shape is the only way to get there”. Steve trains all year long and incorporates exercise along with shooting daily.

His love for nature (God’s Country) and respect for our future as hunters is first and foremost as a professional hunter. Steve often shares with others “what you put into life, is what you get out of life”.