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Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

Born and raised in sunny California where fitness enthusiast thrive Jennifer was no different. Jennifer has been a fitness and wellness enthusiast all of her adult life. In 1994 Jennifer became a Certified Fitness Instructor and Spin Instructor. She had a thriving clientele because her clients got results. She prides herself in keeping current with fitness trends, exercises and nutrition. In 2002 she became a co-owner of Gold’s Gym in Northern California. It wasn’t soon afterward that her gym would be recognized at the International Gold’s Gym Convention in Las Vegas as one of the Best Gold’s Gyms in the Nation two years in a row.

Jennifer spent almost 10 years gracing the pages of numerous International health and fitness magazines and calendars. She’s known from a young age that if you want to excel at any sport that you need to be in peak physical condition. Jennifer has also spent the last 15 years helping people become the best they can be by implementing a proper diet and fitness program into their lives. “I believe your body is a machine, it can do amazing things when you train it too” Says Jennifer.

Jennifer likes making other peoples body’s her business. “I believe that if you want to excel in your sport that you need to build your fitness program around the exercise that target the specific muscle you will be using in that sport”.

There isn’t sport out there that you won’t be better at or enjoy doing more if you’re in peak physical condition, says Jennifer.