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Matt Eastman

Matt Eastman

It’s no wonder Matt Eastman won an Emmy as host of “Wanna’ Go Fishing?” His enthusiasm for the sport matches perfectly with the show’s wild concept. Five seasons and more than 50 episodes later, he’s still going strong.

Matt dedicated his life to fishing, and his house sits adjacent to the gold-medal water of the Provo River, where he’s managed the Victory Ranch Club near Park City, UT, since 2000. “Wanna’ Go Fishing?” won two Emmys and Two Telly Awards in five broadcast seasons.

Born in Evanston, WY, Matt started fishing at the age of five. Almost instantly, a day on the river with his dad and a flyrod was his passion. Growing up in Park City, UT, Matt was never far from world-class flyfishing, and before long he turned into a self-proclaimed fish junky.

Staying true to his outdoor spirit, Matt attended the University of Oregon and graduated in 1998 with a degree in Environmental Studies and minor in Geology. He’s quick to point out, though, that between classes he continued to fine-tune his flyfishing skills on the nearby McKenzie River in Eugene.

For the past five years as resident and manager of the 7,000-acre Victory Ranch Club in Woodland, UT—the Jolly Rancher, as his friends often call him--has immersed himself in an outdoor lifestyle. As the property’s flyfishing director, Matt guides trips on the Provo and gets more than 280 days a year on the river.

In late 2005, friend and neighbor Chris Fischer—founder of Fischer Productions, LLC--asked Matt to host “Wanna Go Fishing?” Although a newcomer to both offshore angling and television hosting, he took the challenge—and didn’t need five minutes or two phone calls to decide. Taking unsuspecting people on fishing experiences of a lifetime wasn’t just a dream trip for them, but for the “Jolly Rancher” as well. More than 50 life-changing adventures later, Matt can’t wait to see what the next season brings.

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