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Chevy Silverado Saturdays

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

SPONSORED BY: Chevy Silverado

Start your weekend off right by waking up to the best angling adventure action with Chevy Silverado Saturdays. Notable personalities such as Jared Jefferies, Mark Zona and Trev Gowdy take you out on the lake and off the beaten path to capture all the excitement. Legends are made on the weekends, and Outdoor Channel will bring it all to you on Chevy Silverado Saturdays.

The Shows

7:00 AMHook N' Look
7:30 AMFacts of Fishing
8:00 AMModern Fishing with Jared Jeffries
8:30 AML.L.Bean Guide To The Outdoors
9:00 AMZona's Awesome Fishing Show
9:30 AMPenn's BigWater Adventures
10:00 AMBlue Water Savages
10:30 AMTrev Gowdy's Monster Fish

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