Reese's Bites on Monday Nights

Presented by Reese's

7:00 PM - 2:00 AM ET

It's a big night for comedy – and danger. "Reese's Bites on Monday Nights" begins with the hilarious new Outdoor Channel Original series "Booger Bottom USA" starring Michael Waddell. Next, we'll take you to the remote Saskatchewan wilderness for an all-new season of "Dropped: The Land of the Living Skies." Then we head out onto the water for the legendary outdoor epics "Deadliest Catch" and "Wicked Tuna." The night comes to a close with a full hour of the Robertson clan at their crazy best on "Duck Dynasty."

The Shows

7:00 PM Booger Bottom USA
7:30 PM Dropped
8:00 PM Wicked Tuna
9:00 PM Wicked Tuna
10:00 PM Booger Bottom USA
10:30 PM Dropped
11:00 PM Wicked Tuna
12:00 AM Wicked Tuna
1:00 AM Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED