Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits

8:00 PM - 12:00 AM ET

Here's where serious hunters come for outdoor excitement! Featuring stars like Curt Wells, Mike Carney, Ted Nugent, Pat and Nicole Reeve, Nick Hoffman and Mark and Terry Drury. All that, plus two new action-packed series: "Critical Mass" and "Mossy Oak's Country Roots."

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Mossy Oak

The Shows

8:00 PM Bowhunter
8:30 PM Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild
9:00 PM Mossy Oak's Country Roots
9:30 PM Driven with Pat & Nicole
10:00 PM Drury's THIRTEEN
10:30 PM Critical Mass
11:00 PM Under Wild Skies
11:30 PM Nick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman