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Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

Chances are you’ve heard of Ralph Cianciarulo. Ralph bow hunts for a living in many places throughout North America and into Africa and Russia, from places that we are all familiar with, to places that grab a hold of you when you’re not looking and then don’t let go for another forty years. His house is a taxidermist’s paradise; lions, deer, bears, cape buffalos, elk, caribou, moose, zebra, and countless other trophies line the walls.

Ralph is co-host of the number one bowhunting television shows on the Outdoor Channel, ARCHER’S CHOICE® and THE CHOICE. Ralph discovered bowhunting at a very young age and has held it close to his heart ever since. He has taken a dream from an early age and made it a reality -- hunting all over the world; bowhunting nearly everything you can imagine. From owning his own pro shop to where he is today, he knows what it takes to make it happen. Traveling year round, and through the seminars, DVD’s and the TV show that reach millions of people, Ralph’s message has never changed, ‘It’s more important to promote the sport of hunting to the entire family, no matter what the weapon you choose, just hunt!’

Ralph is more interested in promoting the sport of hunting than just seeing his name up in lights. He believes that if we promote the sport, all will prosper, instead of just a few. Ralph Cianciarulo, an international bow hunter, TV personality, seminar speaker, and noted videographer, is a man dedicated to teaching and instructing thousands of people on the sport of archery and hunting.

In January of 1997, Safari Club International recognized Ralph’s video work by giving him the "Outstanding Bowhunting Videographer" of the year award. Ralph’s experience and knowledge come from the wildlife habitat itself, not from text books. He learns daily, right from the highest authorities in business…the animals themselves. Ralph enjoys sharing this knowledge with many sportsmen and women.

"When I do something, I do it with a lot of intensity. I feel you need to give more than 100% of yourself to live out your dreams."
--Ralph Cianciarulo

“Hunting is a man’s sport.” Well, no one told that to Vicki Cianciarulo when she started hunting nearly 20 years ago. From running an archery pro shop, setting up and tuning bows, her passion, her drive, and her success has earned the respect of every hunter out there. Vicki is not just another hunter, but rather a role model for millions of women & girls all over the globe. She has hunted more species than most men. Vicki is co-host of two of today’s top rated award winning hunting TV shows with her husband, Ralph Cianciarulo. These two have introduced millions of viewers to their very unique relationship and incredible hunting adventures on ARCHER’S CHOICE & THE CHOICE TV Shows that air on the Outdoor Channel. Plus, you have watched her on numerous other hunting shows and DVD’s. Many have seen her speak at seminars all across the USA.

When it comes to hunting, she is one female hunter who stands above the rest with taking many record book animals with her bow and arrow. Vicki has taken the largest wild whitetail deer ever on camera by a female, scoring over 200", with numerous black bears to her credit and having two B&C bears. Vicki has taken three Yukon Bull Moose with her bow, Canadian moose, numerous Caribou, Dall sheep, Mule deer, Whitetail, Antelope, the Turkey slam with her bow, along with many different African species, and much more. She has outfitted and guided for bear & deer, she’s been on conservation boards, interviewed by all types of media, she’s a wildlife photographer, and she thanks God everyday for all she has been given. Talking to anyone in the industry, they will tell you that Vicki & Ralph with all their success, have never changed and have always remained as they were from the beginning.

"It’s not about all the hype—we are not trying to be something we’re not, we are just hunters who are blessed to make a living doing something we are so passionate about. It’s not about how great someone thinks they are, it should be about how can we grow the hunting community, how can we share with everyone the thrill of the hunt and adventure, how do we keep it real, exciting and most of all get the family’s involved. That’s what we think it should be about!”
--Vicki Cianciarulo

"Vicki is a full time mother, hunter, TV host and wife, she runs Archer’s Choice Media and she is the real deal and I am so proud of her!"
--Ralph Cianciarulo