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Sadie Fincham

Sadie Fincham

When it comes to the outdoors Sadie knows her stuff. From offshore fishing to sitting in the tree stand she has a strong passion for the outdoors.Sadie grew up just outside of Baltimore, Maryland spending most of her days as a child in the woods and on the water with her parents hunting, fishing and crabbing.Sadie now lives in South Georgia and being in the outdoors is a daily part of life. She is finishing her education with an Associate degree in Marketing, when the opportunity came up for her to host Outfitters Showcase it was the perfect match.

For me life is an adventure, I absolutely love traveling to new places and meeting new people. The outdoor lifestyle is something I hold dear to my heart sharing that with family and friends is very important to me. As I travel, meeting and making new friends is something I cherish the most. I jumped at the chance to work with this company, exploring God’s great creations on land and in the sea. Whether I am feeling the tug from the other end of my fishing line reeling in a 100 pound yellow fin tuna, or pulling back my bow to harvest a trophy white tail deer, come with me and let’s enjoy these experiences together on Outfitters Showcase.

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