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    Into the Unknown

    In the season premiere, brothers Chris and Casey Keefer are dropped in the wilderness of New Zealand with virtually nothing. They must quickly adapt to their new environment or face life threatening consequences.

  • :30 AM

    Wild Ops Presented by John Deere

    Darting Elk in New Mexico (2017)

    Dr. Ole Alcumbrac and his team need to capture, study, and collar 30 adult female elk before dangerous weather shuts down the operation.

  • AM

    Survival Science

    Surviving a Mountain Lion Attack (2017)

    Laura and Nick explore the techniques to deal with these apex predators when they are the most dangerous. We'll scientifically breakdown the behaviors, strength, eyesight and speed of mountain lions through outrageous experiments, in day and night.

  • :30 AM

    Gold Fever

    Legends of Buried Treasure (2017)

    Stanton AZ is famous for it's gold mining history, including the legend of Charles Stanton's buried treasure, and Tom has a hunch!

  • AM

    Wardens presented by Streamlight

    Rural Road Huntin' (2017)

    The opening week of firearm deer season is one the year's busiest. Officers in Districts 3 and 6 tackle road hunting issues in rural Michigan.

  • :30 AM

    Western Extreme

    G Bar T Elk (2017)

    Join host Jim Burnworth as he hunts the majestic G Bar T Ranch in Montana after bulging bull elk.

  • AM

    Flying Wild Alaska

    One Flying Family (2011)

    Wildfires rage across the state and Era Alaska must ferry fire crews to combat the blazes. Ponts has to navigate the deadly Merrill pass on his first training flight and Ariel braves the treacherous Alaskan skies on her own for the very first time.

  • AM

    Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED

    Whale Season (2017)

    Jim joins the Inupiaq people of Point Hope, Alaska to observe their annual hunt for Beluga whales.

  • AM

    True Magnum TV

    Mountain Trifecta (2017)

    Weather challenges James Brion and the team high in the mountains of Russia. Bo Morgan gets the opportunity to hunt Mouflon in a new area of France. Rob Dunham arrives in Mexico for a multi-species desert big game hunt.

  • :30 AM

    Ram Outdoorsman

    A Wingshooter's Best Friend (2017)

    Host Chris Dorsey invites friends Alistair McLain and Christopher Merritt to the famed Wynfield Plantation for a traditional Georgia bobwhite quail hunt.

  • AM

    Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish

    Montauk Striper (2017)

    Trev Gowdy tests new baits, and mono versus braid line, to find out what is the most consistent approach for getting huge striped bass.

  • :30 AM

    Alaska Outdoors Television

    Moose Obsession Pt 1 (2016)

    Chad Glauser with hunting partner Tracy Forbush embark on a remote DIY hunt for Alaska's majestic moose.

  • AM

    Western Extreme

    G Bar T Elk (2017)

    Join host Jim Burnworth as he hunts the majestic G Bar T Ranch in Montana after bulging bull elk.

  • :30 AM

    Deadliest Hunts

    From Squirrels to Brown Bears (2017)

    Amy Skaar is married to a life-long hunter, but her only experience behind the gun is hunting squirrel - until she decides to go after the apex predator of North America in this Kodiak brown bear hunt.

  • AM

    Outdoor America, Excalibur's

    JT & The RIP Gang (2017)

    The flu can't keep Joe Thomas down; deer hunts from the Midwest.

  • :30 AM

    Heartland Bowhunter

    Western Detour (2017)

    Mike is on his way to hunt Mule Deer but receives a phone call that the elk are rutting in New Mexico. He takes a detour to elk country to chase screaming bulls.

  • AM

    The Choice with Ralph & Vicki

    The Most Moose Anywhere in Newfoundland! (2017)

    Yes Newfoundland with Bob Efford's hunting and Vicki and Ralph are up to the challenge. Once again warm weather, winds and not great conditions to get the moose moving will this duo make it happen.

  • :30 AM

    Red Arrow

    Backwoods Buck (2017)

    Kip kicks off a three week Midwest whitetail hunt with a trip to Illinois Backwoods Outfitters and a quiver full of arrows to turn red!

  • AM

    Dirt Trax Television

    Rally on the Rocks (2017)

    Luke meets up with the crew from UTV Canada at Rally on the Rocks in Moab, Utah

  • :30 AM

    Addicted to the Outdoors

    Wisconsin Wonderland (2017)

    Back on the road at Johnny O's superbly maintained property, Jon and Gina are after some bucks on the farm's Hit list, but first, they'll have to overcome a little adversity if they hope to be successful..

  • AM

    RMEF Team Elk

    A Father's Bond (2017)

    David Allen and Travis Hall each take their sons on an elk hunting trip they will never forget.

  • :30 AM

    Bow Madness

    Double Trouble (2017)

    Dan Thurston and Rick Malik team up to hunt Whitetails in both Texas and Mississippi. Unexpected forces push them to the limit.

  • PM

    Legends Of The Fall

    Colorado Mule Deer Part 1 (2017)

    There's a first time for everything! Dave and Mike kick off Season 8 in Colorado as they hunt velvet mule deer from treestands, and the LOF crew take a look back at Season 7.

  • :30 PM

    Realtree Outdoors

    Seven J Wyoming (2017)

    Year 21 at Seven J Outfitters in Wyoming. David Blanton is Joined by Justin Martin, John Godwin, Brad Schoor and Kristen McDaniel for another awesome bow hunt with the famed outfitter.

  • PM

    Raised Hunting

    Passion (2017)

    When the youngest member of the Raised Hunting family (Easton), finds fault in his schools spring break system, him and his dad (David) set out to send a message on why turkey season should be considered when determining the spring break calendar.

  • :30 PM

    The One

    Gray Ghost (2017)

    Mike Stroff is in need of a Texas lease for his outfitting and filming business. Finding an additional ranch proves to be way more than Mike was anticipating. He finally finds a good ranch to lease and it really proves to be a special place to hunt.

  • PM

    ScentBlocker Most Wanted

    Make it Happen (2017)

    Bob had a great hunt during the Illinois gun season, but the whole bow season leading up to it was even better.

  • :30 PM

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV

    Semper Fi - Captain Hagner (2017)

    Highly decorated Marine Corp hero Captain David Hagner (Ret) travels to Utah to hunt trophy bull elk with Steve West as they promote the Freedom Alliance and reach out to veterans to join this great organization.

  • Scent Killer Trophy Tuesdays 3 PM to 7 PM

  • PM

    Shooting USA

    The 20th Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals (2017)

    In 20 years the self-defense defensive pistol sport has grown to be world-wide. Plus, the only multi-gun match on an active Army base, the Ft. Benning 3-Gun. The Remington 03-A3, the inexpensive version of the 1903 Springfield, is one of History's Guns.

  • PM

    Cabela's American Archer

    Ron's Western Swing (2017)

    Team member Ron Maguire hunts Antelope and Mule Deer in South Dakota

  • :30 PM

    Territories Wild with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews

    Alpine Adrenaline (2017)

    Join adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda as he travels to the French alps in pursuit of the alpine chamois. New Zealand alps are also featured.

  • PM

    HeadHunters TV

    Gila Monsters (2017)

    Randy Birdsong gets lucky and draws a Gila Elk tag where he will met up with David Blanton and Michael Waddell to chase giant bulls

  • :30 PM

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

    Kentucky (2017)

    Paw Paw Waddell gets invited to hunt Kentucky with non other than Harold Knight, co founder of Knight&Hale Game Calls.

  • PM


    Big Bucks and Beefmaster Cattle (2017)

    Daniel Defense's Matt Hurt joins Texas Trophy Hunters Association as they travel to La Violeta Ranch for a late season South Texas whitetail hunt. Homesteaded in 1862, this ranch is known for two things: Beefmaster cattle and giant whitetail bucks.

  • :30 PM

    Primos TRUTH About Hunting

    Blizzard Bulls (2017)

    Will Primos and Brad Farris are in Montana searching for rutting bulls. A September snowstorm makes for an unforgettable hunt in the high country!

  • PM

    Inside Outdoors TV

    Bears In Buck Country (2017)

    It's Bear hunting at its best when IOTV heads to Canada. Tim drops another giant black bear and gives Dusty a chance at his first bear hunt.

  • :30 PM

    Flesh & Blood, Hank Parker's

    Mountain Mulies (2017)

    Hank Parker and friend Keith Kelly hunt early season mule deer in velvet in the mountains of Colorado., at Powell4a outfitters.

  • Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits 8 PM to 12 AM

  • PM

    Chris Brackett's Fear No Evil presented by Mossy Oak

    Willow Air Brown Bear (2017)

    Floatplanes, bows, and fighting brown bears in Alaska. This is a dream trip for Chris Brackett as he bowhunts the ultimate predator. Flying in from Willow Air, he sits through the night with the sun never setting in hopes of arrowing a giant Brownie

  • :30 PM

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

    The Best of (2017)

    Ted and Shemane reflect back on the last 27 years on air.

  • PM

    Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country

    Mountain Country, Part 1 (2017)

    Join Bass Pro's John Paul Morris and stalk the gray ghosts of the west across mountains rugged as the cliffs of time. A quest for mule deer by bow is sure to bring out the best in any hunter, and this adventure is no exception.

  • :30 PM

    Driven with Pat & Nicole

    Passing on Traditions (2017)

    Carson brings his sister Isabel to Kansas to see if she can hammer down on her first Kansas giant. Can Carson tag out three years in a row as well?

  • PM

    Drury's THIRTEEN

    Special Cutting Room Floor Edition (2018)

    Deleted scenes, additional footage, and extra information from Drury's Thirteen. Based off the popular YouTube DODTV series.

  • :30 PM

    Dream Season The Journey

    The End of the Journey (2017)

    Mark and Matt Drury alongside celebrity judges, Blake Shelby, Bobby Cole and Ronnie 'Cuz' Strickland reflect on the entire 14-year run of Dream Season The Journey.

  • PM

    Under Wild Skies

    The Caprivi Strip (2017)

    Tony Makris and Professional Hunter, Jacques Hartzenburg of Chapungu Kambako Safaris hunt the floodplains of the Zambezi River for Cape buffalo.

  • :30 PM

    Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures

    Kansas Roosters (2017)

    Benghazi war hero Mark Geist Joints the MRA crew for great pheasant action in Kansas.