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Sheri Daye

Sheri Daye

Intelligent, beautiful, articulate and amazing in the water, Sheri Daye brings an element of class to Speargun Hunter. Well respected throughout the world of diving, Sheri’s spearfishing skills, knowledge of marine life and her fearless nature have already created a solid fan base.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Sheri Daye, is a corporate executive, and is also a former ballerina.

She has been spearfishing for the last 10 years, including freedive (breath-hold) and bluewater hunting. She holds numerous world records, including a 179 pound tuna. She has won major tournaments, including Spearboard Open (over 240 contestants) and the 2006 Nationals Freedive Spearfishing Tournament women’s title.

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