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About the Show

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The Flush takes upland bird hunting and the work of Pheasants Forever to new heights on Outdoor Channel. Emmy award-winning hosts Bill Sherck, Ron Schara and Travis Frank team up to guide viewers across North America in search of the most exciting and action packed bird hunts. Each trip highlights the work and dedication of Pheasants Forever supporters and promotes the mission of the nation’s most efficient conservation organization. Be prepared to be surprised! The Flush documents bird hunts like you’ve never seen before!

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Bill Sherck

    Bill Sherck is a five-time Emmy Award-winning outdoor reporter and show host "The Flush" on Outdoor Channel. Sherck enjoys sharing his stories with conservation groups, teaching through fishing and hunting seminars and also guides for various charity and celebrity tournaments.

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    Ron Schara

    A storyteller in print, radio and television, Ron Schara uses colorful tales of the outdoors to create an experience for his audience. Ron's own stories have been featured on dozens of television programs.

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    Travis Frank

    Travis is the lead producer and co-host of "The Flush" and lead producer of "FOXPRO Furtakers."

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