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To celebrate 10 years of the Total Outdoorsman Challenge, 12 All-Star competitors go head to head in 20 vigorous events to win over $25,000 worth of cash and prizes and the title of All-Star Total Outdoorsman. Hosted by Field & Stream Editor-at-Large, Eddie Nickens, with Lead Expert Commentator, Bass Pro Shops Redhead Pro Hunting Team, Allen Treadwell and commentators Dr. Grand Woods and Jimmy Houston and Field &Stream Fishing Editor Joe Cermele, the Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge is a one-of-a-kind competition highlighting the journeys of the competitors as they prove their determination at various skills including 2-Gun gopher hunt, 3D archery, simulated duck hunt, and team challenges.

Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge Competitors 2013

Tom Boatwright

Hometown: Perdido, Ala.
Best TOC Finish: Champion in 2009 and 2011
All-Star Moment: In his first-ever Total Outdoorsman Challenge in 2009, Boatwright dethroned the three-time reigning champ, Paul Thompson.
Spoken Like a True Champion: “The most challenging part of the TOC would have to be the combination of all the events at one time. If you have a couple of weeks to practice one event, you can get pretty good at it, but most of us work every day and are limited to practice time. There are so many events, and it is hard to get good at something without needing to practice for something else.”

Tom Cooprider

Hometown: Naples, Fla.
Best TOC Finish: Third place in 2007
King of the Water: “Fishing is what I do. You could put me in a puddle and I’d probably catch something.”
Spoken Like a True Champion: “You lose your focus for one second and it makes the difference between winning and not winning.”

Luke Hitt

Hometown: Rogers, Ark.
Best TOC Finish: Third place in 2012
All-Star Moment: Hitt had a smart strategy on the Fly fishing course in the 2009 finals. Going head-to-head with Paul Thompson—one of the best fly anglers in TOC history—Hitt had the first beat selection, giving him dibs on which water he wand his competitor will fish. Instead of picking the most obviously best beat available, he stuck Thompson with the toughest section to fish. For a guy who typically relies on talent to win, his calculated play gave him a victory in his opponent’s best event.
Spoken Like a True Champion: “The most challenging part of the TOC? Being able to handle the stress of TV cameras and trying to prepare a strategy for what you’re about to do.”

Scot Marcin

Hometown: Cottontown, Tenn.
Best TOC Finish: Champion in 2005
All-Star Moment: Marcin secured his 2005 title with one of the best performances ever on the Endurance course. Spoken Like a True Champion: “To me, the TOC is one of the most prestigious titles out there. If you don’t have a pretty broad box of tools to dig into, you just can’t compete at this level.”

Daniel Lee Martin

Hometown: Spring Hill, Tenn.
Best TOC Finish: Fifth place in 2008
All-Star Moment: Martin earned his spot in the 2008 finals by winning the Nashville regional event. Every year there’s a celebrity TOC event to correspond with the regional competition. Country musicians, like Martin, come out and put on a pretty good show. And Martin put on such a good show that he was encouraged to come back and try out for real. Not missing a chance to shoot and cast, he arrived at the regional—and won.
Spoken Like a True Champion: "More than anything, I'm flattered and very honored just to go. ‘Total Outdoorsman’, it would be an unbelievable title to have."

Jay Moore

Hometown: Millbrook, N.Y.
Best TOC Finish: Third place in 2006
All-Star Moment: Moore, a two-time finalist, won the Archery event at the 2006 Total Outdoorsman Challenge.

Peter Mosby

Hometown: Aurora, Colo.
Best TOC Finish: Third place in 2008
Go Big (Game) or Go Home: “My favorite thing to hunt and fish? That’s a tough one. Between fishing for tarpon on the fly or bow hunting for elk, I can't decide. Both are majestic creatures that are a challenge to any sportsman.”

Chris Nischan

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Best TOC Finish: Champion in 2004
Spoken Like a True Champion: “To be a Total Outdoorsman, you must possess many skills and understand many aspects of the outdoor world. You will never be the best at all skills, but you must have more than just a working knowledge of many skills to qualify.”

Chris Reed

Hometown: Grenada, Miss.
Best TOC Finish: Second place in 2009 and 2010
All-Star Moment: Reed had been dominating the TOC finals in 2006—until a last place finish in Bass Fishing basically cost him the title. He spent the entire offseason improving his bass skills, and in 2007 he dominated Bass Fishing, taking first place in the event.
Spoken Like a True Champion: “Having the knowledge and ability to hunt, fish, trap, and survive in the wilderness using only primitive techniques and tools is what it takes to be a real outdoorsman.”

John Sappington

Hometown: Branson, Mo.
Best TOC Finish: Third place in 2009 and 2011
This Ain’t His First Rodeo: Sappington, a TOC veteran, has a great advantage of understanding how to win. As a former bass pro, he understands cutthroat competition—and he learned to swim with sharks. While he has adapted very well to the family feel of the TOC, he still knows what it takes to separate that from competition.
Spoken Like a True Champion: “Knowledge and wit are important in the TOC, and you have to pay attention to detail. The biggest challenge is not knowing what’s coming next.”

Paul Thompson

Hometown: Nebo, N.C.
Best TOC Finish: Champion in 2006, 2007, and 2008
All-Star Moment: To win the TOC once takes amazing talent, nearly flawless performance, and a little luck. To win it three years in a row? That’s just unbelievable.
Spoken Like a True Champion: “You need skills that make a great outdoorsman deal more with understanding animal behavior than anything else. Someone who studies and understands the biology and habits of their quarry will be a better outdoorsman regardless of his shooting ability.”

Chad Weatherford

Hometown: Loris, S.C.
Best TOC Finish: Champion in 2010 and 2012
All-Star Moment: After 7 days and 17 challenges, the 2012 Total Outdoorsman Challenge ended with 1/10th of a second difference between first and second place. Weatherford proved to have just enough to come out on top.
Spoken Like a True Champion: “I love the strategy of deer hunting, and I love to hunt on game management land because it requires a lot of thinking. I have to take into account the rut, the food sources, look for good deer sign, and of course a little luck. I like to make it a year-around event with shed hunting, scouting, stand preparation, and eventually logging my hours in the stand with my bow in hopes that all my hard work pays off.”

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