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Host Matt Eastman picks a random individual to join him on an all-expenses-paid fishing trip of a lifetime. While the jets and boats are standing by, the potential guest has five minutes and two phone calls to decide if they "got the guts to go." "Wanna Go Fishing?" travels to the finest fishing locations on earth and the journey often becomes a life changing experience for its lucky guest. "Wanna Go Fishing?" is a two-time Emmy Award winner for Best Sports Series and Best On-Camera Talent.

Official Site: http://www.wannagofishing.com/

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Matt Eastman

    Matt Eastman has dedicated his life to fishing, including fly-fishing. He's currently a resident and manager of the 7,000-acre Victory Ranch Club in Woodland, UT, and since 2005 has hosted the Emmy winning show "Wanna Go Fishing" on Outdoor Channel.

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