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Hornady presents Dark and Dangerous

The continent of Africa is unparalleled in both quantity and variety of wildlife. Yet it is her dangerous game that fires the imagination of sportsmen around the globe. The drama of close encounters with dangerous game has a universal appeal. Whether you have hunted Africa firsthand, or only experienced safari as a fan of Tracks Across Africa, the quest for dangerous game is the ultimate hunting experience.

Hornady presents Dark and Dangerous is a theme-based series dedicated entirely to the pursuit of Africa’s “Big Seven”. This series gives a unique insight into the hunt for elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino, as well as the aquatic heavyweights, hippo and Nile crocodile, all seen from the perspective of the Professional Hunter. Ivan breakdowns the habits, hunting techniques, and potential dangers associated with hunting each of these seven species and discusses, in detail, the decisions that need to be made as it happens in various hunting scenarios.

Go along with the award-winning Safari Classics camera team as they capture the thrill, drama, and danger of close encounters with these legendary game animals from the very best game fields in Africa.

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    Ivan Carter

    Ivan averages over 200 days a year guiding clients and filming for the Dallas Safari Club's Tracks Across Africa television series on Outdoor Channel.

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