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Thirteen years in the making, adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda has traveled the North American continent in pursuit of the Super Slam of North American Big Game.

Considered the Everest of bowhunting, the archery Super Slam consists of 29 animals –five caribou, five deer, four sheep, four bears, three elk, three moose, muskoxen, pronghorn, mountain goat, cougar and plains bison – and stands alone as the pinnacle of bowhunting achievement. Very few hunters have taken all 29 species with a bow and now, for the first time, all have been arrowed on broadcast video.

Adventure Bowhunter with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews goes in-depth describing the history of the Super Slam with revealing interviews from some of the nation’s top bowhunters. Miranda leaves no question unanswered as he describes the best areas, outfitters and equipment for each species.

Witness the successes and failures – the great shots and the missed shots – in one man’s pursuit to capture the essence of big-game bowhunting.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tom.miranda.370

Instagram: https://instagram.com/TomMirandaOfficial/

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    Tom Miranda

    Trapping & hunter author Tom Miranda hosts Adventure Bowhunter on Outdoor Channel with his years of experience that began trapping as a young boy.

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