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Join whitetail hunting expert and outdoor legend Stan Potts as he explores the world of hunting "Mathews’ Dominant Bucks." With 40 years of buck hunting experience and four 200-class whitetails to his credit, Potts dives into his tactics and strategies to successfully find, pattern and harvest giant whitetails with his bow.

Proudly presented by Mathews Archery, the show is supported by a cast of expert hunters while patterning and hunting monster bucks in hidden areas (and self-taping the hunts as not to disturb these wary giants). Potts and his team strive to teach viewers the what, where, when, how and why of trophy buck hunting, with tactics that include using maps, gaining permission, speed scouting, digital trail camera secrets, patterning tips and setting stands. Also featured are "in the field" hunts that include all aspects of finding trophy whitetails up to (and including) "over the shoulder" bow impacts.

For the best in high quality, in-depth HD coverage that highlights the challenge of bowhunting mature whitetails, don’t miss "Mathews’ Dominant Bucks" only on Outdoor Channel, America’s Leader in Outdoor TV.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Stan Potts

    Stan Potts's hunting success stories have been well documented on screen and the page. With over 40 years of experience, Stan currently hosts "Mathews' Dominant Bucks" on Outdoor Channel to much success.

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