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The Best of the West is excited to bring you the ultimate in western big game hunting action. Our pro-staff specialize in hunting and shooting skills that energize, educate, and amaze our audience. Each episode demonstrates the reality of extreme distance shooting while using the proper equipment and techniques that are necessary for making ethical kills at any range. Viewers will enjoy watching our staff hunt big game in virtually all of the western states, Canada, and Alaska.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Jim Sessions

    Jim was born and raised in Wyoming. He has hunted extensively in most western states, Canada, and Alaska. His filming, hunting, and shooting skills remain great assets to both BOTW and Huskemaw Optics.

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    John Porter

    In 30 plus years of guiding and outfitting in Alaska and Wyoming he has personally guided over 700 trophy big game hunts.

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    Latt Durrance

    Latt got his start in the outdoor world working as a first mate with Trophy Fishing Marlin Boats in the Caribbean. Since then Latt has guided hunts over a quarter of the western hemisphere.

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    Dan Adler

    Dan Adler is the owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and a Veteran United States Air Force Captain. Dan is also a professional speaker and public figure in the hunting industry and on the topic of the Second Amendment.

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    Joe Cunningham

    Co-host of The Best of the West on Outdoor Channel

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