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Fight to Survive tells the inspiring true stories of outdoorsmen who have faced down death in the wilderness and lived to tell their story. Adventurer, author and survivor Craig DeMartino kicks off the series with his own story.

His hundred-foot free fall off of a granite cliff in Colorado cost him a leg and almost his life, but did not stop him from pursuing his passion for the outdoors.In 2006 he became the first amputee to free climb the nearly 10,000 ft. face of Yosemite’s El Capitan in a single day. Now Craig hosts Fight to Survive, journeying to meet other survivors and hear their stories. Each week Craig takes a survivor back to the flashpoint of their ordeal as they share with him their very own fight to survive. This new series takes the audience right into to some of the most majestic and dangerous places in North America.

From the exciting action to the inspiring comebacks, these stories will remind us all that faith, determination and human spirit can do anything when faced with the ultimate Fight to Survive.

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    Craig DeMartino

    Craig DeMartino's love of climbing began 22 years ago when he learned to climb at a friend's unconventional bachelor party in Pennsylvania.

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