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This series follows the unconventional Tweto family that rules Alaska’s most dangerous skies. Operating their family-run airline, Era Alaska, they battle unforgiving Alaska weather and terrain to transport life’s necessities to one of the most remote and extreme regions of America. With no freeway system for hundreds of miles, Era Alaska is the lifeline for the isolated rural inhabitants of the Bering Sea coastline. From champion snow dogs bound for the Iditarod to medicine for sick children to groceries for miners working on an operation on the North Slope, the goods that the intrepid pilots ship on any given day are crucial to everyday life.



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Meet The Host(s)

  • /content/personalities/jim-tweto-218x123.jpg

    Jim Tweto

    Like many boys growing up in Minnesota, Jim's passion was hockey. So at the age of 18 the strapping young man from Minnesota moved to Alaska to play college hockey, but it was here that he discovered his love for flying.

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    Ferno Tweto

    Born in August of 1961 and raised in Unalakleet, Ferno is part Russian and part Inupiaq Eskimo. An athlete, Ferno competed in cross-country in high school and has continued to run almost every day since then.

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  • /content/personalities/ayla-tweto-218x123.jpg

    Ayla Tweto

    Ayla was born and raised in Unalakleet. In high school she was the powerhouse of the Unalakleet athletics department, competing in cheerleading, volleyball and cross-country.

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  • /content/personalities/ariel-tweto-218x123.jpg

    Ariel Tweto

    Ariel grew up in Unalakleet, following in the footsteps of her hard working parents. She was known around town for being a fierce competitor on her high school's co-ed wrestling team!

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  • /content/personalities/benjamin-pedersen-218x123.jpg

    Benjamin Pedersen

    Ben was born in 1986 in Fort Collins, Colorado and moved to Alaska in the 90's. He has been flying for over 10 years and was a licensed pilot before graduating high school in the village of Galena, Alaska.

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  • /content/personalities/doug-stewart-218x123.jpg

    Doug Stewart

    Doug obtained his pilot's license in Seattle during his senior year of high school. After a brief stint as an actor on "All My Children," he arrived in Nome and was immediately given the nickname "Hollywood" by the other pilots.

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  • /content/personalities/jared-cummings-218x123.jpg

    Jared Cummings

    Jared was born into the off-airport world of aviation. At the age of 18, his father, Jim Cummings, started an air-taxi service out of Delta Junction that continues to operate to this day.

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  • /content/personalities/erik-snuggerud-218x123.jpg

    Erik Snuggerud

    As a young boy in Oregon Erik would watch the planes overhead and dream of flying to far away places. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the army to pursue that dream. It set him on a course that eventually had him flying in the bush of Alaska at age 26.

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