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The release of the motion picture Jaws in 1975 instilled an irrational, almost manic fear of sharks in the general public. Sharks and their behavior were still very much a mystery, and they were considered mindless killing machines.

Jump 40 years later, and thanks largely to intrepid adventurers and shark biologists, the layers of mystery are being peeled back and sharks are revealing fascinating behavior around humans.

They are not mindless killing machines, but top level predators who are actually far more complex than we imagined.

And yes... they are capable of inflicting grave injuries and demand total respect when encountered in the wild.

Hosted by Former US Navy deep sea diver and Marine Naturalist, Robin D. Berg, and renowned shark expert Eli Martinez, Blue Water Savages explores the surprising behavior of dangerous sharks, and more importantly, how human behavior when confronted with a shark directly affects the sharks behavior.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Robin D. Berg

    Robin Berg began diving at the age of 9 in Southern California, fascinated with the ocean and marine life, he joined the US Navy and served 6 years as a deep sea diver stationed in Guam and Hawaii, where he studied Oceanography at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

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    Eli Martinez

    Born and raised in South Texas, Eli Martinez has become a formidable entity in the shark diving community, pushing and changing what is known about sharks and the way sharks are seen.

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