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In the remote corners of the Alaskan bush country, the Ewing family creates 5 star gourmet meals in a tiny mobile camp kitchen. Their catering clients range from hunters and anglers on once in a lifetime trips, to surfers catching the state’s massive waves. Rugged, raw and now cooked - this is the last culinary frontier where one chef is redefining what it means to eat like a wild man.

Classically trained chef Bradley Ewing not only makes the meals, but also forages for the dinner’s ingredients in this rugged environment. He knows where bounties of hidden edibles can be found in nature’s forgotten grocery store. From the ordinary to the extreme, Bradley’s meals are 100% Alaskan.

Aided in the effort by his mother Sherri and his sister Amy, the family struggles to create high end dining experiences in some of the world’s toughest terrain.

Add in the ever-changing Alaskan weather, foraging in the backyards of deadly animals, campfire cooking, lack of creature comforts, and dangerous bush plane flights... and you could have a recipe for disaster. Finicky clients and food and supply shortages often push Bradley to the last ounce of his sanity but this creative, free spirit always seems to deliver.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Sherri Ewing

    Sherri Ewing is the owner and matriarch of "Alaska's Wild Gourmet" catering business.

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    Amy Ewing

    Amy Ewing is the “outerior” designer for "Alaska's Wild Gourmet's" catering business.

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    Bradley Ewing

    Bradley Ewing is a classically trained head chef for "Alaska's Wild Gourmet's" catering business.

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