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Benelli Presents To Kill a King takes you on an incredible journey to one of the toughest water fowling environments known to man. Follow Tony Vandemore, Co-Owner and Operator of Habitat Flats, from his home in Missouri to the shores of the Bering Sea on St Paul Island in search of the King Eider. Located three hundred miles off the coast of Alaska, St. Paul Island is the most remote of the Pribilof Islands. Frigid temperatures, rugged seas, and extreme weather test the endurance of man and equipment. This two-part special explores an unforgiving region that few have experienced and takes you to the edge of the world on one of the most difficult hunts ever documented.

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    Tony Vandemore

    Tony Vandemore is co-owner and operator of Habitat Flats, North America's #1 waterfowl lodge operation with locations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Saskatchewan.

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