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“What Does It Take To Survive? What is The Science Of Survival”

On the new Outdoor Channel series, Survival Science, Nick Mundt and Laura Schara set out to answer these questions in remarkable ways.

Each week, Nick and Laura put their skills, and their bodies on the line to test the limits of human beings under the most extreme circumstances the outdoors can dish out.

From animal attacks to raging storms – blazing heat to frigid cold – impossible terrain to thirst and starvation.

On every episode, the adventure, excitement, pyrotechnics and danger are real, as our production team designs and builds amazing experiments to subject Nick Mundt and Laura Schara to grueling tests on Survival Science.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Nick Mundt

    Nick is a co-host on one of the Outdoor Channel's highest rated shows, "Michael Waddell's Bone Collector", as well as a co-host for "Realtree Roadtrips". Nick's skills as a hunter and woodsman make him one of the most successful in the business!

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    Laura Schara

    Laura Schara is unique to the outdoor television world as she combines her deep-rooted outdoor heritage with her years of fashion experience spent as fashion trend expert for Macy's. She can easily transition from talking fashion, home and lifestyle trends to exploring the great outdoors.

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