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On South African Safari with Ray Bunney each week, Adventures Abroad shoots the biggest, most dangerous game on the planet. Most people die to go on the hunts Ray takes while traveling the globe. Ray Bunney is a diehard over-the-top hunter with a tremendous amount of past experience. He will soon take his eighth African tour, plus he hunts nearly every destination in the world. Kudu, Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Waterbuck, Eland, and Cape Buffalo are only a short list of the huge variety of African animals offered in the upcoming season. Beautiful scenery and incredible images make Adventures Abroad comparable to any show on the Discovery Channel.

Media Jungle gains privileged access to huge South African hunting concessions to film these unforgettable adventures. Musical score drives the pacing and adds to the richly textured suspense. Ray Bunney packs a commanding screen presence and a top-notch attitude. He’s shot four of the Big Five, and in October, he plans to make it five for five on his first elephant safari, with a bow.

Africa comes alive with the big delivery of aerial photography. 1080p High Definition Cameras travel halfway around the world with our crew in order to capture the most highly produced show on television. Professional hunters give the crew freedom to shoot necessary elements for award winning work. Animals are captured in their most natural settings; the landscapes and sunsets are beautiful. Media Jungle’s commitment to top quality programming puts Adventures Abroad in a class of its own.

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    Jim Burnworth

    Jim uses his love of the great outdoors to introduce and teach others about hunting and fishing on Outdoor Channel. He has hunted and fished his entire life.

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    Ray Bunney

    Ray has bow hunted four continents and hunted Africa eight times. See Ray on "Choose Your Weapon" on Outdoor Channel.

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