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There’s no place like Nome.

Outdoor Channel and the Gold Prospectors Association of America take you on a northern adventure set in a city of gold – Nome, Alaska (population: 3,500) – in Outdoor Channel’s brand new documentary series, “Alaskan.” Set in the historic town of Nome, northwest Alaska’s commercial hub and home of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race’s finish line, the series gives an inside look at the everyday lives of gold prospectors and Alaskans alike.

From the public citizens panning the beaches to visiting with the folks that make up a commercial mining operation on the outskirts of town, Outdoor Channel viewers will never forget the sights, sounds, souls and stories that make up one of Alaska’s oldest and most important Gold Rush cities. Flawlessly narrated by Dan Nachtrab, each episode gives an inside look at the yearly expedition of 180 GPAA participants, and how they survive and react with the 3,500 Nome locals and surrounding townsfolk. Filmed in stunning high definition, the half-hour documentary gives the Outdoor Channel viewer a good feel for life in Nome, coupled with the spectacular natural beauty of the region – a place where musk ox, moose, grizzly bears and birds roam free.

Pan for adventure and strike it rich – with “Alaskan.” Only on Outdoor Channel, “America’s Leader in Outdoor TV.”

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    Tom Massie

    Outdoor Channel founder Tom Massie currently hosts three shows on the network: "Alaskan," "Gold Fever," and "Gold Prospecting," getting his start as a gold prospector, making various clubs and institutions that stand even today in which they develop these trades.

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