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About the Show

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Hosted by bird hunting veterans Randy Lack and Bruce Horrell, American Birdhunter is a new show that brings the passion of bird hunting, both upland and waterfowl, to the forefront of outdoor TV.

In addition to exciting bird hunts in every episode, Outdoor Channel viewers get to meet the real stars of the show – the bird dogs that accompany Randy and Bruce on their hunts. From English Pointers to Labrador Retrievers, the athletic canine companions are what make each episode memorable, and each hunt unique.

Watch each exciting hunt and explore the local flavor of each destination – searching out the stories that make these places exceptional – and visiting stunning locales, from the prairie pothole region of Manitoba to the Desert Southwest, and all points in between.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Randy Lack

    Born and raised in New Mexico, co-host and upland specialist Randy Lack has been hunting birds and big game for as long as he can remember.

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    Bruce Horrell

    Co-host and waterfowl specialist Bruce Horrell is celebrating over six decades of hunting by doing something he has never done; hunting over a "started dog" trained until a year old.

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