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Saltwater angling is booming. And, Bill Dance is bringing his educational format to saltwater fishermen in Bill Dance Saltwater.

The Coastline – stretching from the northeast south to the Keys and westward to the Gold Coast and Texas – holds a treasure trove of fish absolutely accessible to you and me. Our new show will take viewers from Montauk, Long Island for stripers to South Carolina’s bluefish waters to tarpon at Key West.

We’ll search for snook in Florida’s shallows and redfish on the Gold Coast – sharks of Corpus Christi. And you can imagine what we’ll find at all points in between.

With each episode, viewers will find Bill partnered with a noted saltwater expert specializing in the week’s target catch.

Using our educational format, viewers will gain an understanding of techniques, seasons, baits and locations for their saltwater adventure. They’ll learn all about the species, why it’s there, when it’s there, and how to get it in the boat.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Bill Dance

    Bill Dance oversees a fishing empire that includes his TV show, "Bill Dance Saltwater", tackle endorsements, how-to seminars, his own magazine and a series of popular “blooper” videos, hilarious, self-deprecating outtakes from his shows. You can currently see much of this on Outdoor Channel.

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