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With a group that looks like better be good at something! Just so happens their talent is wreaking havoc with their PSE's in tow! Follow along as our cast of castaways triumphs through the hills of Argentina to the sands of Arizona! With a season full of big game hunts all across North America this might be our best season to date for harvesting animals high on the hit list! From moose to mule deer, bear to bugling bull Elk and everything in between Bow Madness Season 7 shows just what the "EVO"lution of the hunter's "DNA" is all about! Grab your PSE, sharpen your RAGE Extreme's and hold on for a fast and furious ride....Bow Madness STYLE!

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Mark Drury

    Mark holds six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. Co-host of "Bow Madness" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Terry Drury

    A motivation for ethical hunting and safety, Drury Outdoors creator Terry Drury along with his brother Mark, host various Outdoor Channel shows, including "BioLogic & Drury Outdoors Wildlife Obsession," "Bow Madness," "Dream Season: The Journey," & King Of The Spring."

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